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My trip to Austria and how to make apple strudel

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Friday 24th August We landed in Vienna and went straight to our hotel. After unpacking we went out to have a look around the city. We saw a museum square and a beautiful fountain with statues and gold leaf. Saturday 25th August Today we went to an interactive museum called the Haus der Musik here I got to conduct Vienna's Philharmonic orchestra it was really cool. After lunch we walked up a street of shops and then went to Prater, a fun fair. There we went on the Ferris wheel, dodgems, chair swing and roller coaster. After the fun fair we went back down the street of shops and then went and ate Sacher-torte which is famous in Vienna. Sunday 26th August This morning we went to the grounds of Sch´┐Żnbrunn Palace where we went up to the viewing platform on the Gloriette and saw all over Vienna. ...read more.


At the park where they sang do re me, my dad and I ran around the park and did all the stuff they did in the film. Wednesday 29th August Today we went around Salzburg and saw a lot of sights in the rain. After we went back to the hotel and spent ages swimming in the pools before we tried archery, which I was really good at. On the way back to the hotel from the archery targets Rupert walked back the wrong way and by mistake found the nudist pool. Thursday 30th August Today we drove to Berchtesgarden in Germany. We drove up to the German bunkers and saw the inside. Then we got driven up to Eagles Nest which was a really amazing building. On the tour I learnt so much and it was not boring at all unlike most tours I go on. ...read more.


Roast them until they are golden brown. Cinnamon Sugar Mix ingredients together Filling Mix all ingredients well. Strudel pastry Mix all ingredients to a soft dough and knead in until no longer sticky. Form into a ball and leave for 30 minutes to rest in veg. oil. Put dough on a flour-covered linen cloth and roll it in a rectangle shape. Extend it on the back on your hands to a wafer thin layer. After all of the above is done put the filling in the extended layer of dough and lift the edge over it. Then roll the strudel using the cloth and cut of loose edges. Put the Strudel on to a buttered baking tray and bake it in the oven until golden brown. As soon as the Strudel comes out of the over put butter on it and sprinkle sugar on the top. Can be served hot or cold with anything you like. ...read more.

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