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My trip to Rome (Roma)

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Personal Writing My trip to Rome (Roma) It was the night of my dad's birthday that my godmother Jill explained how she had free air miles, and wondered if there was somewhere I'd most like to visit? Jill had already invited my mother to go with her. I replied, "I'd love to go anywhere". "What about you where would you like to go the most," I said. Her answer to this was "I would love to go to Rome" and I said, "That's where we should go". By the time we got to the airport I was feeling rather hungry. I kissed and said good-bye to dad. Jill, mum and I waved goodbye to dad and headed in to the airport. Once we got in side it was really busy. It was hard to get through the people queuing up waiting to check in, so we squeezed through the people to the right checking desk. As we waited for our turn, even though it was busy we got our tickets and passports ready to show the lady behind the desk. When we finally made it to the desk we handed in everything and we where checked in in no time. After doing this Jill led us to the exclusive lounge. ...read more.


I wasn't sure about it but once I tasted it was really delicious. The second course I had pizza, which was delicious also because it had a buttery cheese topping on a really thin crisp base. By the time we had finish our meal it was late and we were all tired so we went back to the hotel to sleep. The morning after arriving in Rome my deep sleep was interrupted by the loud chiming of the church bells. I got up and went to see mum and Jill in the other room. I went into their room. They looked at me tiredly and I smiled at them. I said morning and went into the bathroom. When I came out they were dressed and ready to go down and have breakfast, so I changed into my clothes and followed them down to the restaurant. After we had eaten we went back to our room and got our things ready for the day ahead. Mum and Jill had planned what we were going to see the night before. The first thing we were going to see was the Trevi fountain and that's where we headed. When we arrived at the Trevi fountain it was swarming with people selling goods, advertising their restaurants, people who giving tours and people who had just come to see the fountain. ...read more.


We also visited the Villa Bognese garden, which was enormous. We walked through the garden as the sun shone through the leaves on the trees which sent a warm happy felling though my body. It such a beautiful day we found a mini restaurant in the garden, which we sat out side of with a cold glass of water each. We walked around the garden we notice that the pond had lots of terrapins rest on rocks in the sun. We took a few pictures of them and then sat by a little fountain and rested in the shaded to cool down. We on through the garden and found our selves out side of a zoo. We then decided to sit down and read a book but Jill when to sleep instead. Once we were relaxed and hungry we went into the town and had lunch. When we had finished our lunch we head back to the hotel. After visiting each of these places we would have meals at different Italian restaurants where we ate proper Italian foods and wines. The food was filling and really got you taste buds tingling. Jill and I had Italian ice cream whenever we had the chance. We tasted all sorts of flavours which where really yummy. At the end of our trip we still couldn't speak great Italian but we all enjoyed our selves. We will treasure the time we had there. 1 Charlotte Precious ...read more.

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