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My Ultimate Ambition - to be a doctor

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My ambition   Ever since I was very young and saw perhaps a child cut and bleeding or an old woman suffering from an incurable disease, I have always hated pain and the human suffering that it causes. It has, therefore, always been my ambition to become a doctor and to be able to cure diseases and to ease pain. Many count riches, power and glory among their ambitions, but for me, to serve humanity through medicine is the highest ambition of all. The training is long and expensive and I shall need to work very hard. After passing the right examinations in school. I shall then need to take a University examination, which will enable me to enter the medical school, which is part of our University life in Singapore. ...read more.


He had to make his own reports from his own diagnoses, at the same time, as the qualified doctor. All of these are checked and corrected, so that the student can learn from his mistakes. When he has passed this practical course, which lasts for about four years, he is then called a 'House man'. Written examinations are taken at different stages. At the end of the first year, there is the first M.B. This is the first part of a Bachelor of Medicine degree and is a very difficult hurdle. Many students fail it. Then, there is the second M.B. and at the end 'finals' which include both a written, and oral and a practical examination. When 'finals' are safely behind me, I will really by a qualified doctor and be able to add this style to my name. ...read more.


During this time, I would try to save money. Doctors are rightly well-paid and I would live moderately. After some years, therefore, I hope to be not only experienced as a general practitioner, but also comfortably rich as well. Finally, then I would realize my ultimate ambition, which is to do the medical practice in my own village and to return here. I have never had any desire to specialize and to become a pathologist, a surgeon, a gynecologist or an ear, nose and throat specialist. To be a good general practitioner here, in my own home is the end of my dream and, although not a specialist in any particular sphere, I shall know enough to deal with the common ailments of life and to call in the right specialists a once if they are needed. I shall then be able to serve the village I love so well. ...read more.

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