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My version of An Inspector Calls.

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My version of An Inspector Calls This essay is based on the novel An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestly. My aim is to direct a new production of it with special reference to Act Three. I will be focusing on the personalities, individual appearances and morals of Arthur Birling and Gerald Croft. Also I will cast two actors to play the roles of Birling and Gerald. I chose to study these two characters because they have both opposite and similar views on different things. The first example of this is shown when they find out that Eva's death is a hoax. Birling is relieved because he might still get his knighthood and says "I'll admit now he gave me a bit of a scare at the time. But I had a special reason for not wanting any public scandal just now." However, when Gerald finds out, he can't quite believe that the girl he had slept with and had a relationship with has killed herself. This is demonstrated when he says "My God! Sorry - I - well, I've suddenly realized - taken it in properly - that she's dead." When giving a detailed analysis of Gerald and Birling I would take into consideration what they are like, their motivations, passions and weaknesses. I would also look at how their personalities are affected by the era in which they lived. ...read more.


When the Inspector first arrives, Birling tries to threaten and intimidate the Inspector by mentioning his friendship with the Chief Constable and with comments such as "Your new here, aren't you" and "I was an alderman for years and Lord Mayor two years ago - and I'm still on the bench, so I know the Brumley police officers pretty well." This does not have the intended effect on the Inspector and, to Birlings dismay, the Inspector continues his questioning. Birling's opinion about the happenings does not change during the interview; he ignores all his families shameful actions and keeps his view that it has nothing to do with him. The Inspectors persistence annoys Mr Birling because he is interrogating him like anybody else and not how he would like to be treated. He refuses to admit to his part in Eva's death or accept any responsibility. Birling relies on his status in society to get him out of trouble. Birling represents J.B Priestly's hatred of egocentric capitalists who are purely interested in wealth and status will never alter their arrogant ways. If I was to choose two actors to play out the parts of Gerald Croft and Arthur Birling I would choose Hugh Grant to be Gerald and Ricky Gervais to be Arthur. I would cast Hugh Grant to be Gerald because he has already successfully adopted roles regarding the typical "man about town" charming bounder image. ...read more.


In conclusion, I think that Birling is much more of a selfish Capitalist then I first imagined. He even disregards certain members of his family to concentrate on his business. Directing this as a play would be very hard as you would have to keep the "action" as interesting as possible because there is nothing else to focus on. Gerald is also more selfish than he first appeared to be and I have found that he would rather have a week long relationship with a girl that he hardly knew than spend time with his fianc�e. I think J.B Priestly was trying to say to all the readers that Capitalism is not the right way to think and that if you believe that it's "every man for himself" then people get hurt in the process of your success. Priestly hated hard nosed businessmen and embodied one in Birling's character. Birling is the character the audience were supposed to dislike to perhaps Priestly was trying to make the audience realize that Socialism is the way to go and that the little you hear about Eva's character shows her to be the nicest person out of everyone. She was supposed to be shown as a Socialist victim of a Capitalist family. The Birling's selfishness had driven Eva to take her own life. ...read more.

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