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My Views on the End of the Novel ‘Of Mice and Men’

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My Views on the End of the Novel 'Of Mice and Men' I think at the end of the novel, where George kills Lennie, the story was good to leave off with "Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin' them two guys?" when George and Slim have left, because those two are the only ones who know what George actually did to Lennie, but Slim also respects George for doing that. He knew, as well as George, that if Curly got his hands on Lennie, he would give him a slow, painful death. But George gave him a painless death, and so Slim thought that was a good thing to do because Lennie was going to be killed either way, so it might as well be a quick, harmless one. The Relationship between George and Lennie George and Lennie's friendship is very tight. We know this from the start of the book because when George gets mad with Lennie and Lennie says "I could go off in the hills there. Someplace I'd find a cave." George becomes defensive over Lennie and gives reasons for Lennie to stay with him such as "How'd you eat? ...read more.


'it's bad enough as it is.'" This quote is after Lennie has killed the puppy and Curly's wife, he is referring to the puppy as 'him'. This shows that Lennie doesn't know that killing a person is worse than killing a puppy, which is the same for a young child. He thinks that if he gets rid of one of them, they won't be as mad at him. Also, when Lennie kills Curly's wife, it is the end of the American Dream for him, "George gonna say I done a bad thing. He ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits." For him ,the Dream is to tend the rabbits, not the whole ranch, just the rabbits. All through the book, Lennie mentions George at a time when he thinks he can't tend the rabbits, "George'll be mad...he ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits." This shows that Lennie looks up to George as a fatherly figure. * How Much Responsibility should be Put on Lennie for Killing Curly's Wife? I don't think that much responsibility should be put on Lennie for killing Curly's Wife. When they were in the barn together, Lennie told her how much he liked to "pet nice things." ...read more.


and also he said "He ain't mean,' said Slim. 'I can tell a mean guy a mile off.'" *When George found Lennie, he was where he told him to be, and that is another test of Lennie's friendship towards George. George also was a true friend, he knew that wherever he went with Lennie, they would find trouble and be run out (like in Weed). So George got Lennie to take his cap off, saying that "The air feels fine." Obedient Lennie did just that, the real reason for Lennie to take his cap off was so George could get a clear shot at Lennie's head. George began telling Lennie about the ranch and how they would "...live on the fatta the lan'." And George made him imagine the ranch as Lennie was being told about it, then when George killed him, he got him in the exact place that candy's dog was shot, so it would cause no pain. George knew this because Carlson said, "The way I'd shoot him, he wouldn't feel nothing. I'd put the gun right there.' He pointed with his toe. 'Right back of the head. he wouldn't even quiver.'" So George killed Lennie in the most painless way, and imagining their version of the American Dream, so then Lennie's last thoughts would be happy ones. ...read more.

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