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My Wilted Rose.

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My Wilted Rose It was Sunday, 12th October. The first thought that came into my head as woke was 'Linda would have been 15 today.' I struggled out of bed with a heavy heart. Glancing at my reflection in the mirror I could see the bump just beginning to show in my tummy. 'But the rest of you looks scrawny, there's no other word for it' I told myself fiercely. Downstairs set about breakfast for Patrick and James, suddenly I couldn't face them. 'Gone for a walk, back at tea-time,' I wrote, propping my note up on the table, 'breakfast on the table, sarnies, apple pie and cream in the pantry for lunch.' Taking an apple, a chunk of cheese and a small bottle of water, I let myself out of the kitchen door. Judging by the sounds on the upstairs landing the others were up and ready! How Linda would have loved today, I thought. ...read more.


He'd be missing Linda in his own way suppose. As I reached the edge of the moor the wind hit me, a gentle, warm and cleansing wind, but the honey scent of heather had gone. The purple had faded now and the moors were brown and grey with here and there a splash of red from the autumn leaves. A grouse rose and flew away sharply calling 'Go back, go back,' it's white under wings and legs clear against the blue sky. Below me I could see our farm, outlined with rowan trees and hawthorns, their red berries hanging heavily on the branches. I carried on up towards the tops and along an ancient track that led to the highest part of the moor. Those last sad days as Linda had slipped away from us flooded back. The dreaded day when the word 'Leukaemia' was first mentioned had struck us all so hard. ...read more.


'We've got a surprise for you.' As I came into the kitchen a delicious smell assailed me, and Patrick, hovering in the background, smiled shyly. Putting his arms around me he whispered 'Of course we won't forget him, love, he'll be in our hearts for ever; you know that better than anyone.' On the table everything was ready for our Sunday dinner, and the fruit cake from the tin had been clumsily iced and surrounded with fifteen candles. The first two tears I had ever shed for Linda hovered in my eyes. brushed them away angrily, this was no time for that. 'You're right Patrick,' I said, 'you've been right all along: life is for the living.' The meal was delicious, all the better since I hadn't had to cook it. Linda was with us, I was sure, and for the first time in years we felt like a real family once more. As we cut the cake I felt a tiny movement in my tummy. 'I hope you're a girl!' I thought silently to myself . . . . . . ...read more.

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