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my work experience letter - I feel it would be invaluable for me to gain experience and further knowledge of the legal world by carrying out a work placement, ideally in October, and was wondering if it would be possible to carry out such a placement at y

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Dear Sir, My name is Anna and I am currently a year 10 student at Trevor high school. Having achieved 6 A* grades and 4A grades at GCSE, I hope to study for a law degree at university, with the intention of becoming a solicitor/barrister. ...read more.


I would be available between 3-6 pm. My hobbies include playing rugby, cycling and reading; "The Justice Game" by Geoffrey Robertson fascinated me and I decided that I should gain some work experience to confirm that it is the career for me. ...read more.


I am a confident person, and hope to take an active role in the debating society when it gets underway later this year. I appreciate that this is short notice, but would be extremely grateful for any amount of time you would be able to have me for, and I would be prepared to work within any aspect of the law. Yours faithfully, Anna ...read more.

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