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My Worst Monday.

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WORST MONDAY It was Monday the 5th. I got up and saw the sun shining brightly outside my open window. I looked over to my bed side clock and realized I was late for college. I jumped out of bed and threw on my clothes from last night which I had just tossed onto the floor and ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth. There was no time for a shower or even to apply some makeup on, I grabbed my bag and threw my makeup in and rushed out the door to catch my college bus. But I was too late. ...read more.


She said that she was getting bored and just wanted something to do. She arrived at my place in less than 5 minutes and I hopped into her car and we drove to college. She managed to get me there in 20 minutes even though it usually takes me 30 minutes to get there. I thanked her and ran to the main entrance then up the stairs where my first class was suppose to be. I was 25 minutes late. I entered my business class and the professor first lectured me for 10 minutes about punctuality and then let me in. Everyone was staring at me because I looked like a cancer patient without any make up on, all my friends bombarded me with questions like are you alright? ...read more.


Then I decided to go to the cafeteria because I was starving. I hadn't even gotten a chance to have breakfast in the morning so needed food in my tummy right away. I opened my bag and saw that I had forgotten my wallet. I wanted to curse so loud but managed to control myself somehow. I left and went to all of my other classes but couldn't concentrate on anything that the teacher said because I was so hungry. After my classes were over I took the bus home and ran into the kitchen without even taking my shoes off and ate leftovers from last night. After eating I was so exhausted that I dropped on to my bed without changing and dozed off in 5 minutes. It was definitely one of the most tiring Mondays of my life. ...read more.

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