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My Worst Nightmare (A Short Story)

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My Worst Nightmare (A Short Story) As I Walked down that bitter and harsh road I looked back as he continued to walk out of my life. I t was then I realized I was making a big mistake. "Thomas" I called my words falling upon deaf ears. I had a sudden urge to wring his neck like a piece of cloth. He continued to walk on though he did look behind "Why so you can hurt me like you did to Jason?" "It wasn't me!" I lied I should start from the beginning. My name is Debra Witch Anna Craft .Put those words together and you get Debra Witchcrafts Yep you got it in one I am powerful I don `t know how to say it let's just say between me and you I am powerful enough to speed up the end of world. Let me go through my ......... Gifts. Well I can take the form or shape of anything that walks on Heaven or on Earth or in hell and all the other 8 planets also. Oh yes did I mention that I am Satan's child though I have been put on this universe to stop mankind from destroying itself. What you just witnessed was an argument between my former lover and me. ...read more.


"Hey want to listen to my music? He gave me a weird look and said, "That depends on what you have to offer " I felt a tingly sensation down my spine when he said that. I put Missy Elliot and dragged him to the middle of the room and lightly punched him on the chest, from what I could feel he was a well-muscled guy. I guessed I would have to summon all my strength to deal with him. He was a good dancer though after the third song he started to come on to me. "Your looking good tonight I'd like to go one- one with you" he whispered into my ear "I'd love to but let's take this up to my room" I said kissing him lightly on the lips. A Chilling sensation went down my spine. I thought to myself hunk, sex wonderful combination. I decided to take the lead. There was a wonderful pounding sensation thumping in my head, but I couldn't determine whether it was sexual or instincts. I was practically dragging the boy; on the third step he pulled me closer and practically chewed on my lips. I took him up to the room and we let nature run its course. You must be wondering why I did that it was to weaken so that I could kill him easily now the juicy fulfilling part of the job gaining what I sought my cardiovascular system. ...read more.


I licked the knife clean off every drop. Jason turned away he looked as if he was going to throw up. I came closer to him the knife still in my hand as I bought the knife closer to his chest it finally clicked to him what I was going to do. His eyes were full of dismay and sadness. I always hated suppliers who did that who used puppy dog eyes on me; it sickened me how they thought those kind of tricks would work on a demon child like myself. While I was lost in my own trail of thoughts, I hadn't been able to see that Jason was trying to figure out a way to escape. As I returned to the human world I saw that. I snarled showing my razor sharp teeth. He laughed a fake laugh to kid himself; I smiled for him showing him that it hurt me having to do this. Yeah right! I have to live to you know. I noticed that he was wearing a shirt, flipping hell I'd have to take it off him, the knife in my mouth and started to open the buttons, I wasn't looking at his face but at his buttons so I wasn't able to see him bring his foot up and kick me in my chest I fell back shocked." What the fuck do you think your playing at here I am trying to be nice ...read more.

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