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My worst nightmare.

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The howling wind rattled the windowpanes in the bitter, damp night outside. I twisted and turned under my thin covers. My teeth chattered in the chilly air around me. I couldn't sleep. My sweat dripped down my forehead and my heart was thumping hard at my chest. I was always afraid of the dark and I still am. But this was the first time I had slept alone in a hollow, ominous and shadowy room with no wallpaper. Instead of a carpet, there were filthy floorboards that creaked and moaned. There was also a wardrobe that I had never opened before because we had only moved in this huge house yesterday. I was afraid of this great, dirty old piece of furniture. But never mind that. I turned over and prayed that I would go to sleep. I couldn't drift off. It was no use. I turned on my lamp and stood up. Is there anything here to do, I wandered. I decided to go downstairs to watch TV. ...read more.


" My transformer," repeated the man. "Look, I'll show you." The man stood up and began to bark at the dog and in an instant it turned into a mouse trotting on the carpet. I was shaking like a jelly. What the hec is going on, I thought. " Transform back, Wellard," the man shouted. Wellard turned back into a dog. " Very useful you know," said the man." Now let's get to business shall we. Well Drake, I've come here to warn you about something." His voice was slow and very serious now. "The great witch Sathia will visit you when the clock strikes one. I want you to know that this grand house once belonged to her. She gets furious if anyone else lives here. For many years, this house had not been touched or lived by. Now that you and your family live here, she will try to kill you. It is up to you to save yourself and your family. There is also one more thing. ...read more.


I turned it on and held the streaming torch, facing it directly at her. At once the witch began to scream in pain and agony. She tried to shield her eyes but the witch just burned and screamed. Then she sent her last spell before a trail of ash was left on the floor. The spell hit me and I screamed and yelled myself until someone slapped me on the face. I opened my eyes. It was my sister. " Hey, what's with the screaming," my young sister cried out. I looked around. I was back in my plain bedroom with the big wardrobe and it was morning. I gasped for breath. " I had a nightmare. Oh lord it was only a nightmare." " I had a nightmare too," said my sister. " Did you," I replied. I was so relieved. " Yeah," my sister went on, " I dreamt about a witch who bit my neck." I looked at her neck. It had deep cuts. My lips began to tremble. " You still have the cuts," I cried out. " I know," croaked my sister, her eyes flashing. "Welcome to your real nightmare!!!" ...read more.

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