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Mystery Car Crash - English Original Writing Coursework

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The Mystery Car Crash It was just a normal Wednesday for Stu. 7:30am and he had just got into work. Stu worked as a paramedic, driving ambulances to and from the emergency department in Bristol. He was a middle aged man who had worked as a paramedic for 20 years. Eventually two of his other colleagues turned up and they were chatting and drinking tea as usual. It was spookily quiet for a Wednesday morning despite of everything that was happening. For some reason Stu was plodding up and down the station anxiously waiting for some action when suddenly sirens started ringing throughout the whole building which meant only one thing: "SHOUT!" Stu grabbed the call out sheet and hopped into the ambulance. The call out sheet read: "RTC, Willow Road, Bristol, BS5 2RC." They took a glance at the sheet and Stu started up the engine and swiftly raced off to Willow Road, the scene of the RTC. ...read more.


"I, I saw it, I saw what happened!" he exclaimed. Stu's team was far too busy trying to get the driver out of his mashed car to worry about acknowledging a small middle aged man shouting from about fifty metres down the road. "Please, i saw the accident, i saw what happened" he whimpered whilst walking away from the scene, feeling very annoyed that no one would listen to him. The paramedics and fire crews were doing an excellent job of clearing the scene of collision, but there was a sense of mystery, mainly because no-one actually knew what had caused the crash. The police were investigating the crash when that small man came up to them and told them how he seen the crash. The police decided to take a sympathetic line and took him down to the station so he could discuss his story in an interview room where they could record his version of events. ...read more.


It was impossible to see if there was a driver in it because of the tinted windows. He was reluctant to go up to it so he just decided to walk off. Suddenly he heard an engine fire up and start crawling towards him. It suddenly increased in speed and was travelling fastly in the man's direction. Was it going to hit him? He yelled and closed his eyes. He felt a strong wind and wasn't sure if he had been hit. He nervously opened his eyes to find out that he was stood it the exact spot. "Phew!" it was all over. Nothing was left of this black car any more or of the other car that had been hit. And the streets were spookily quiet again so the small, middle aged man walked on home, when he saw the ambulance, that had been rushed to the scene of the crash, in a ditch. It didn't look as if any one had been hurt, so he continued to walk on home having had seen enough for one day. JOE TULLY 10BD ...read more.

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