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Mystery Short Story - The Mummy Doll

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English Mystery Short Story The Mummy Doll "But I don't want to!" Madeline replied quietly. Sitting in the back of the car with Matilda she had barely said anything at all during the journey. "What, sweetie?" Kate, her mum, asked as she pulled into the drive, she looked around and stared at her daughter, who was clasping Matilda tightly round the middle. They had found the doll with its one eye and deep black hair at a car boot sale last week and Madeline had immediately fallen in love with it. "I was talking to Matilda" she replied with an innocent look towards her mother. They got out of the car and headed down the driveway. Once inside Madeline, fussed Tubby their tabby cat, and then giving her mother a brief look, ran off to her room, whilst Kate, sighing, headed towards the kitchen to prepare lunch, with a hungry Tubby at her heels. However, a few moments later, there was a crash from the hallway. Kate, looking worried, ran out of the kitchen in time to see Madeline jumping off the top of the stool into the muddy remains of Kate's peace lily. "What are you doing, Madeline!?" she said angrily, staring wide eyed at Madeline, "It wasn't me, it was Matilda, she told me to do it, she wanted me to get the keys". ...read more.


When she got to work, there was a surprise waiting for her, a phone call message from the school to immediately call them back. Anxious, she hurried up to her office and rung them, as soon as she heard the word 'Madeline' and 'fight', she slammed the phone down and leapt out of her office. Arriving back at the school, she rushed in to see the Headmistress, Mrs Jolson, looking strained, she said "Sit down please, we need to talk, Madeline was in a little bit of a tussle today, she was caught beating up another girl in the bathroom, luckily the poor girl was not too badly injured but she was taken to hospital for a check over," she paused as Kate gasped looking stunned, Mrs Jolson resumed "after that Madeline ran out of the school building and we have not yet found her, we have had to call in the police and they are out now searching for her, this is a serious attack Kate, Madeline will be expelled for this". Kate looking stunned, replied, "But-t why-y would she do that, she wouldn't harm anyone, I've got to go look for her". She started getting up but Mrs Jolson put out her hand to stop her speaking politely, "I don't think that's a good idea, I think it would be best if you went home, the police will bring her over once they've found her, don't worry Kate, they will find her". ...read more.


And then Kate was falling, landing painfully on the cold, wet floor. As though she had been in a dream Madeline snapped out of it "Mummy, mummy get up what are you doing?" she whispered "Mummy" she screamed "what have you done?" and then there were police cars, filling the room with blue flashing lights and a high pitched siren, someone grabbed her and started pulling her out of the room "THE DOLL DID IT, IT WASN'T ME" she cried as men started towards her with a white suit. "IT WASN'T ME! I'M NOT MENTAL! NO! NO! It was Matilda my doll she did it, DON'T TAKE ME AWAY, NOOO!" Madeline screamed in a weak fit, kicking and flailing, she was forced into the white suit and steered towards the cynical white van as another trolley, with a huge white sheet over it, was rolled out of the house and into a waiting ambulance nearby. Nearby, a huge car boot sale had set up in a nearby farm field, and many people were already milling around, scavenging for the best antiques. Walking a long with her mother, Mary had been so excited about going to a car boot sale but now all she could see was old junk. "Mummy, Mummy, look over there can you see her isn't she magnificent, please Mum can I have her please, please!" she shouted excitedly, pointing at a large doll with only one eye and deep black hair and with what seemed like a wicked smile playing on her small doll face. ...read more.

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