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Narrative: An ordinary day that was not so ordinary

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It was a bright sunny day, the sky had a soft shade of blue and there was a slight breeze in the air. The birds were singing happily on the trees, the nature was full of green and the roads were over-crowded with people. John and Andrew decided to go and explore the big forest that was a few miles from their neighbourhood. They cycled there and they were ready to go into the forest. They were both a little frightened by the trees towering ominously above them but they had made an agreement not to turn back and neither of them wanted to admit that he was scared. After they had parked their bikes, they went into the forest and the first thing they noticed was quietness. There was no sunshine, no wind and no sign of animal life, not even a single bird singing on the trees, like out of the forest. All they could hear was a faint sighing as the treetops moved gently in the wind. They began to walk more quickly and talked louder to break the silence. ...read more.


Up stairs it was even darker. They saw a long narrow hallway with a lot of doors on both sides. They checked all the doors but all of them were locked apart from one which they opened and got inside. They walked into the room and heard someone yelling and pleading. They grew scared but then noticed it wasn't a person. It looked like a hologram, but you could see and hear him. He seemed to be pleading for his life. They could not see whom he was talking to, but they didn't think it was a person. The man was balding and looked like he was in his upper forties. He was saying, "I am sorry for coming into your house. I thought it was empty. Please! Please! Let me go. I won't say anything; I didn't see you murder him. No! Don't! Ahhhhhhh! Stop..." Then he fell to the floor, and after they heard a sickening crack. They raced out of that room only to find themselves in the hallway again. They decided it was time for them to leave! ...read more.


Ha!" There were fifteen caskets in all. They each had a number on it. Andrew remembered something he saw on the inside of the door they came in. It was the number forty one. He looked down at his watch and saw it was two minutes till 11 o'clock. Because the caskets didn't have a number forty one on them he decided to reverse the numbers and make it fourteen. He shoved off the lid and there he saw a key and a note that said, "You now only have one minute to get out! Ha, not even I can do that!" They started running up the basement stairs to get to the front door in time. They got there, threw in the key, twisted it, and opened the door. As they were running away from that house they swore they heard footsteps behind them the whole way. They glanced back a couple of times but saw nothing. When they got out of the house, they ran as fast as they could without knowing where they were going to. Luckily, they got to John's house, threw the door open, went in and locked it! As they sat down, they heard a sickening low voice say, "You didn't make it out in time! Ha!" ...read more.

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