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Narrative essay

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The Kiss of Death It began with the porch steps. Or maybe it began with the laziness of the man living in the house to which these steps led. Either way both are very important for this story. The Higgs couple lived in a small house in a quiet neighbourhood by the road. It may have seemed at first sight that Mr. And Mrs. Higgs got on well as a couple. However the truth was very different. Mr. Higgs was a jealous man. Mrs. Higgs was a hospital nurse and often had to work over night. This meant the two of them never got to see much of each other. Mrs. Higgs came home in the morning at about the time when Mr. Higgs left for work. It was the same in the evenings, Mrs Higgs leaving the house for work only to meet her husband coming in. Not knowing for sure where his wife was over night Mr. Higgs often got very suspicious of his wife having an affair. ...read more.


She took a shower, made herself some breakfast and then sat down into an armchair with a book. She wasn't expecting anyone. She knew about Mr. Higgs's suspicions but they were all false. She wouldn't be surprised if he came marching in at that very moment demanding where she hid her secret lover and then went on a rampage around the house searching closets, and wardrobes. She smiled to herself at the thought of that happening. Her smile didn't last long. At that moment a loud thump came from outside. Henry the postman opened the Higgs's gate. The Higgs couple didn't have a mailbox hanging on the gate. Instead they chose to place directly on the main door. Probably so they wouldn't have to walk that far when retrieving their mail. Lazy. He went through the gate and strode across the garden toward the Higgss' door. "Couldn't even take care of the snow, people these days..." ...read more.


Behind her Henry was waking, lifting his head, dazed. "I know what this must look like Paul, but it's nothing like that" Mrs. Higgs stuttered. "He slipped and fell. I was giving him the kiss of life." Mr. Higgs stood there staring into her eyes "It might have been the kiss of life for him but it's the kiss of death for you." It was the way he said it, a slow deliberate growl that made Mrs. Higgs react the way she did. Turning back toward the house she ran. Mr. Higgs didn't say anything to warn or stop her. He knew she wouldn't get far. Mrs. Higgs running back to the house forgot all about how slippery the porch steps were. She was almost on the third step when her foot shot from under her. Mr. Higgs watched as if in slow motion as Mrs Higgs turned in the air and fell, hitting her head on the bottom stair. There was a sickening crunch and then silence. It ended as it began, with the porch steps. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kry�tof Kor�n, 3GH 1 ...read more.

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