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Narrative point of view shapes our perspective of the characters and the world of the text. Discuss with reference to Wuthering Heights.

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SHORT ESSAY Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte [Topic: 2 - Narrative point of view shapes our perspective of the characters and the world of the text. Discuss with reference to Wuthering Heights.] In the novel, Wuthering Heights, the author, Emily Bronte uses many techniques such as characterization, symbolism, imagery, and setting to develop characters and the world of the text. However another essential technique is used for this development, this being narrative point of view, as it influences and shapes our perspective of the characters and our personal thoughts and opinions of their situation. Throughout the novel, various characters, each encompassing their own personal background and values that make up and develop their own individual character into a realistic person, assume the role of narrator. Our perspective and judgments, as the reader, are restricted and confined to what is presented to us by the narrator. Therefore the narrators have control over the readers by having the ability to shape our whole perception and intuitive judgment of each character and their presented situation. Wuthering Heights is presented in first person narrative throughout the text with the majority of the story being presented via two main characters: Lockwood and Nelly Dean. ...read more.


In the beginning of the novel Nelly is introduced as the caretaker of Thrushcross Grange and Lockwood's servant, but as the story progresses we learn that Nelly was exclusively involved in the story. Nelly worked as the servant and occasional playmate of Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw and Hindley Earnshaw, as well as later becoming Hareton Earnshaw and Catherine Linton's nanny. An example of Nelly of this is shown on page 63 where it states, "...Your to nurse it, Nelly- to feed it with sugar and milk, and take care of it day and night..." Here another servant girl is making Nelly aware of her new responsibility of motherhood towards Hareton after his mother dies. For these reasons it is evident that Nelly had close and personal relationships with many of the main characters in the novel. Thus making her story more precise and believable to the readers. Wuthering Heights is very much a book about love and hate, but Nelly is totally un-opinionated and neutral about the characters allowing the readers themselves to make their own decisions about the characters. This is presented as Nelly has the ability to move freely between the opposing forces of storm and calm, without creating any conflict or causing any disturbance. ...read more.


Overall, Emily Bronte uses the narrative point of views of characters such as Heathcliff to influence how readers shape our perspective of characters and the world of the text by allowing readers to share and experience, first hand, the intense and raw passion usually controlled under narrators such as Nelly and Lockwood. Thus influencing the readers to make judgments of characters based on the first hand experience presented by these characters such as Heathcliff. Overall, in the novel Wuthering Heights the author, Emily Bronte efficiently use characters to portray different levels narrative point of views, where both Lockwood and Nelly give us a sheltered rendition of story. Lockwood, the secondary narrator, is at a similar level to the readers being told the story and Nelly acts as the principal narrator as she tells of interactions with the characters in the story. However, Heathcliff on the other hand creates an insight and exposes the readers to the full fury of passion experienced by him and similar characters. Essentially, based on each narrators' individual point of view, the readers are given the opportunity to make assumptions and judgments on characters wholly and solely on the information presented by the narrators. Chanrous Nhem ...read more.

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