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Narrative Writing. Im a 30 year old mother of one, young, free and single.

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´╗┐Narrative Story ________________ I?m a 30 year old mother of one, young, free and single. I?m on the way to a job interview in the centre of London. When I step onto the platform, fortunately my train arrives straight away. I quickly approach the train but the doors are shutting. However an elderly woman from inside the train holds the doors for me. We sit down together as I?m saying thank you for her consideration. I introduce myself, and so does she with the name of Joan Collins, as we started chatting, she would re-apply her blood red lipstick while checking her smoky eyed makeup. ...read more.


All starting with a school reunion. Today is my school reunion, and I officially have nothing to wear. As I?m literally falling into my wardrobe I finally find a pair of stunning diamond encrusted skinny jeans. I breathe in and try to tuck in my stomach while in zip up my flies. I slip my feet into a pair of elegant knee high boots, but when I lean down to lace my boots? Rip! And my back side is on full view! Now wishing I hadn?t eaten the whole choccy role from last night. After a few attempts versus me and the jeans, I finally admit defeat. ...read more.


When I look up its Roger Roberts, previously known as ?podgy rodgy? for obvious reasons. But I am astonished and utterly speechless at how Roger has transformed into a man. He is tall and slender with gleaming white teeth. I saw Roger for the next 6 weeks, although saddened with the knowledge that we would be leaving for California due to job commitments becoming an armature actor. On our last day together, just hours after he?d left, I had found out I was pregnant. For weeks I was in utter shock, yet wanting to get in contact with Roger to tell him the news. I was unable to hear from Roger, only being informed that he has changed his name to ?George Clooney? and not wanting contact with me anymore. I? m a 30 year old mother of one, young, free and single. ...read more.

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