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Narrative Writing

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Narrative Writing The young girl remained motionless by the tree, and Gabriel descended into the village of Weatherbury. She sat there, still looking at the stars. Oak had faded into the distance. She began walking slowly in the direction of Weatherbury. She arrived in the silence of night. Nothing or no-one were around. The temperature had plummeted way below zero. She began to feel the bitterness of the cold as only a hooded cloak was her cover. Fanny decided to seek shelter, and crept quietly, not wanting to wake anybody in the village, towards the local inn. A weak light could be seen through a small, second floor window in the inn. Fanny softly tossed a small chip of rock towards the dim light. The door opened, "Can I help you my dear?" whispered a frail old woman. "Erm...Yes I need a room for tonight. How much would it cost?" inquired Fanny. "Two shillings dear" "I have only one" "Oh..." the delicate woman hesitated for a few moments, "Oh, go on, I'll accept the one seen as though it looks a bit chilly out there." Fanny rushed in, out of the cold with no uncertainty at all. ...read more.


Fanny heard laughter and walked on. Her heart beat violently as she reflected on Troy's words, "I'll come to you my dear." Fanny headed towards a small inn she had heard about nearby. As she arrived she noticed a familiar figure at the front opening. She hid quickly behind a small wooden cart until she could make out the tall, masculine figure. It turned towards her as she thought hysterically of whom it could be, and then it struck her, Boldwood! Her heart began pumping harder inside her as she thought of what might happen if Boldwood finds her here. She waited patiently until he began to depart the small village. After his figure had faded into the distance, Fanny rose to her feet, aches and pains in her legs gave her a small limp in her walk as she made her way towards the inn. As she drew closer to the door, she could see that it was slightly open. Fanny crept right up to the doorstep, then, quietly and gently pushed it open. Nobody could be seen, just a seemingly endless dark corridor with a narrow spiralling staircase to the left of her. ...read more.


She arrived at the church to find that she was first there, her heart calmed down as her nerves took over her quivering body. Quarter of an hour had passed, an adequately dressed nun approached Fanny inquiring why she was here, "Excuse me dear, but may I ask why you are here" "I am to be married today sister" replied Fanny with an eager look upon her face. "Sorry my dear, but there are no marriage's planned for today" explained the courteous sister. It was then Fanny realized her mistake and suddenly a white, straight, pale look appeared on her face, as if she'd seen a ghost look. She shot off speedily, as fast as her weak legs could carry her, to where she had supposed to have been quarter of an hour ago. She had gone to the wrong church and was worriedly rushing her way to the correct one. As she arrived Troy was walking away. She caught up with him and was constantly asking him when it could be rearranged. His words resounded in her head cutting her like a knife through her heart. "God Knows!" These were his words. Paul Taylor 10L ...read more.

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