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Narrator of the red room and the signal man narrator create effective suspense and mystery in their stories.

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Narrator of the red room and the signal man narrator create effective suspense and mystery in their stories. The two stories I am comparing in this essay are "The Red room" H.G Well 1894(the late Victorian period) and "The Signal man" Charles Dickens 1865(the mid Victorian period). Both of the stories were written in the Victorian time, however TRR was written 30 years after Dickens Signal man. I believe that this difference in time may have an impact on the gothic style of writing that was popularly used by both of the authors. Dickens opens the story with "Halloa! Below there." This short, but effective line becomes important as the story unfolds. We don't know who's speaking causing tension to be created from lack of background information. The man that the narrator is shouting to, below, looks round to face the tunnel "Looked down the line". Any normal person would look upwards in response to the call. ...read more.


The journey made by the narrator to the signalman is described in an elaborate way, adding to the gothic theme, "time to recall singular air reluctance or compulsion" suggesting there is something more sinister to his descent to the railroad. This writhen in a very gothic style of writing. H.G Wells uses the three old caretakers in the red room to create a certain mood of mystery at the beginning of the story. When he introduces the "man with the withered arm" it helps create tension and gives it an eerie quality. The caretakers are also left nameless to add to the mood of the story they are referred to as inhuman "Human qualities seem to drop from old people insensibly day by day." H.G Wells gives his story TRR a time less quality by making the meaning of the story the worse thing to fear is fear it self "the worse of all thing that haunt poor mortal man,' said I; and that is, in all its nakedness - Fear! ...read more.


While I stood gaping, the candle at the foot of the bed went out, and the shadows seemed to take another step towards me". The writers in both of the stories create a feeling of a mysterious and unnatural place the narrator's are going to. In TRR this starts straight away with the introduction of the three caretakers but similarly in the signalman it starts nearly at the beginning "struck chill to me as if I had left the natural world."' The end of both stories leave you wondering about what fear can do to a person. Neither offers a solution which makes them true mystery stories. I do prefer TSM because I found it engaged the reader more as you; go on a journey with the narrator. It had a more compelling storyline and felt the foundation of the story was more original then TRR. It engages the reader more by having a more true to real life story, people every day imagine that they see and hear stuff. Jake Galloway ...read more.

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