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National Service

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Arguments to Persuade I am here before you to argue that the National Service should not be made mandatory under the law, that is to say that eighteen year olds should not be required to perform two years of National Service. At first, I will give a brief description of the history of the National Service. It had a significant effect on many people, and on society and culture. The years of the National Service cover almost two decades. Between 1945 and 1963, 2.5 million young men were compelled to do their time in National Service. ...read more.


As of now, there are enough people who join the armed forces voluntarily. Some join because they look forward to the challenges this career offers. Some others join as a way out of poverty. Late adolescent years are the best to start university education. Two years of compulsory service would introduce a delay in starting college. Moreover when they return from service, they won't get the same opportunities as before. This will make many ambitious men miss out on college education and good career prospects. ...read more.


Mandatory service increases the size of the army and this may signal aggression to other countries. This is not conducive for world peace. The fact that everyone has to join the army when they are eighteen means the Government will have to pay a big sum of money for their food and equipment. The government will also have to pay these soldiers for their service. This will result in a huge expenditure which will be highly unpopular in the current climate of an economic downturn. In conclusion, there are sufficient reasons to persuade the government not to reintroduce compulsory national service. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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