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Needle Fear.

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Needle Fear I was 9 years old when a very shocking thing happened to me that changed the way I see needles forever. It was at night and some guests were coming round to our house. I was really excited because they were my best friends. "Tidy up your room," called my mother. "OK!" I shouted back. I never really liked tidying up my room, but this time was different. I didn't mind doing it for I knew that soon I'd be having fun with my friends. How wrong I was? It all happened very quickly but I can still remember it as if it happened in slow motion. I was running fast towards the kitchen when my mother suddenly appeared with a thick crystal bowl. I saw it for a fraction of a second and before I knew it, I hit it! The thick bowl broke. I screamed with pain, extreme pain. I had never felt anything so painful in my life. I just screamed. I felt as if death had befallen me. My mother rushed to me and immediately took me to the toilet. ...read more.


On the trolley, there was an injection, a needle and some other things. However, my eyes were fixed at the needle and I just stared at it for a long time. I was given an injection, which didn't hurt much compared to the pain in my head and afterwards my father put his hand on my shoulder, trying to console me. Looking at his grim expression. I knew something wasn't right; they were going to do something to me. It clicked, when I saw the long, sharp, shiny needle on the trolley almost waiting to prick me. They were going to put stitches in me!! I tried to get up in protest but they wouldn't let me. I didn't have much energy in me and besides my head was hurting, so I didn't feel as is if I could win. I just lay there watching the needle on the table. To me it looked like the claw of a huge beast ready to pounce upon its prey. ...read more.


"Why didn't you stop them?" I said in an agonising tone. "It was for your own good. Now you need to rest, you'll be better in the morning." With that said I was asleep. I woke up in the morning and I was allowed to go home. I felt much better now that it was all over. Now 5 years later when I reflect back onto the event I see how a minor thing such as running fast has affected me. Whenever I look at the scar in a mirror the whole incident flashes before my eyes. The image of the shiny needle coming towards me is still imprinted on my head. Every time I go for a booster injection and see the nurse bringing a trolley towards me, a fear rises within me and I picture myself being stabbed with a monstrous needle and bleeding to death. This needle phobia of mine has not only distressed me but has also prevented me from picking up any sort of needle, as I feel certain that it will pierce me. Despite this needle phobia of mine I'm assured that I have a very strong head! THE END Arif Khokhar 10T ...read more.

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