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Nettles and The Fathers Bride are two poems which pursue the subconscious effect of obsession on people.

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Tyrone Medford Unit 3a Poetry Response Compare and explore the ways poets present relationships in two poems you have studied Obsession is an inevitable part of almost everybody?s relationships. When someone becomes completely obsessed with something, that persons thoughts are completely taken over, just thinking about that one thing. ?Nettles? and ?The Fathers Bride? are two poems which pursue the subconscious effect of obsession on people. Scannell?s ?Nettles? inspects how being obsessed with protecting someone you love wont indicate that you will save them from any harm, whereas in Mew?s ?The Farmers Bride?, obsession is treated in a far more different way due to unrequited love. As though it was intended, both Scannell and Mew use obsession as one of the main themes running throughout. In the poem ?Nettles?, Scannell makes it seem as though the father is completely obsessed with protecting his son. It appears as though the father has become crazy with anger and rage over shielding his son from the devious nettles. When Scannell says ?and then I took my hook and honed the blade, and went outside and slashed in fury with it?. This is signifying that Scannell wants revenge on the nettles for harming his son. ...read more.


There is a hinted lack of formal education from the farmer here. The farmer admits that he did not take time to find a bride, ?there?s more to do a harvest time than bide and woo?. This is certainly the story of a couple living in a working community where the demands of farming life come above all other contemplations. The farmer?s wife is frequently compared to a wild, native animal. When it says, ?Flying like a hare? like a mouse? Shy as a leveret, swift as he?. This is confirming the rural setting of the poem and the attitude of the famer to his wife, as if she needs taming like a wild animal. When she runs away, she is described as ?flying like a hare? all in a shiver and a scare?. It sounds as if the farmer and other people from the town are hunting her, making her fearful and anxious. The short fourth stanza stands out as a sensual, admiring description of the wife. Mew makes substantial use of sibilance to construct a sense of the farmer?s whispered appreciation. Comparisons to beauty in wildlife reinforce the sense of the farmer?s positive opinion of his wife. ...read more.


They are given a ?funeral pyre? and within ?two weeks?, ?tall recruits? have been ?called up? to replace the nettles, a reference to soldiers being enlisted, but also communicating the idea of an enemy force that cannot be defeated. The child is presented using emotive language, reflective of the compassion and sympathy the father feels for his injured son. ?White blisters beaded on his tender skin. The alliteration using the ?b? sound advocates the child?s skin as ?tender?, a strong contrast to the language used to describe the nettles. The ?watery grin? is another emotive description implying the child is being helped to get over his painful experience by a devoted father. The father?s reaction to the nettles is as violent as the nettles? stings. He explains the process of dealing with the nettles in a very careful, calculating manner. ?I took my hook and honed the blade?. First he selected his weapon, scythe, and then sharpened it, before he ?slashed in fury? until ?not a nettle? Stood upright anymore.? The father takes revenge in his strong desire to protect his son and punish those who injured him. To conclude, both poems use obsession as a main theme running throughout. In The Farmers Bride, obsession is shown through a unique and differing way ...read more.

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