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Nettles by Vernon Scannel. Vernon Scannells poem Nettles, creates a sense of pity when you read it as the image of a young boy falling in a nettle patch isnt pleasant.

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Cameron Burns - Critical Essay - Nettles Vernon Scannell's poem Nettles, creates a sense of pity when you read it as the image of a young boy falling in a nettle patch isn't pleasant. And as a human race, we feel sorry for good people who experience unnecessary pain. The constant reminder of the pain felt creates an atmosphere comparable to when nettles sting you. "White blisters beaded on his tender skin" Is a great way to show pain as it describes the effect of the nettles on the skin and also uses sensitive words normally associated with pain to help describe it. Although these constant reminders of pain are quite depressing, they are in a way balanced out by the rhyming found at the end of second line: "My son aged three fell in the nettle bed ...read more.


In this poem however when they can relate to both of these things even when they're different shows writing skill. And the way they flow so well shows even greater talent. The image of pity is apparent throughout the poem and examples like: "With sobs and tears" Are commonplace throughout the poem and serve to provoke a reaction in the reader as it brings the image of nettle stings and pain back into the readers mind. Which nobody would like to endure (nettle stings), the fact that some people do makes the reader feel sorry for those that do. In addition, the feeling of pity is brought back each time stronger as each example builds on the previous ones and deploys more information about the pain the boy's going through, like in the quote: "The boy came seeking comfort" ...read more.


is linked to war, a regiment being like a team of soldiers also because its a regiment of spite, its like a team of spite, nettles hurt people in spite and they grow in clumps representing the regiment. Recruits is personification of nettles as nettles aren't living things and cant be recruited for things however the new recruits symbolise the new nettles growing up from where the other nettles died like new waves of troops being sent onto a battlefield to replace the old troops. Also these metaphors and other parts of speech are crafted brilliantly to fit into the poem exactly and precisely, making this poem a very enjoyable one to read. The skill of the writer is ever present through nettles and along with other things helped make this poem a fascinating and exhilarating piece of writing. ...read more.

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