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Never, I protested never, never, never this morning my parents had received a letter from Brookside Boarding School for Girls

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Amira Bhayat 11.2 The Letter ?Never,? I protested ?never, never, never? this morning my parents had received a letter from Brookside Boarding School for Girls and I had got the post? I was sitting at the breakfast table, staring into my cereal, thinking about the coming day, when the post rattled through the letter box. ?Annabelle dear, go get the post please? my mum shouted from upstairs. This was the usual routine I?d wake up jump in the shower then go downstairs to eat breakfast alone. My parents both ran businesses and were generally ?too busy? to eat breakfast with me. I got the post and began flicking through it. ...read more.


By then my mum was downstairs she saw the letter in my hand and her mouth opened to explain. I waited but no words came out, instead she stood there frozen staring at me. ?Is this how much I trouble you? I snapped flinging the envelope onto the floor. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door, slamming the door behind me. As I reached the end of the road my face was red and tears were rolling down my cheeks I was gasping for breath and my heart pounded in my chest. I couldn?t believe they could be so heartless, sending their only child to a boarding school, forcing her to leave her friends, her school and hardest of all her home. ...read more.


I sat their waiting for an explanation staring at the spider crawling up the blinds. ?Your dad has got a new job,? my mum stuttered. Was she serious I was being sent to a boarding school because my dad had got a new job I was gobsmacked. But nothing had prepared me for what came next ?in Australia? she whispered. At that moment my life turned upside down, in a day I had turned from a happy 15 year old girl enjoying life to a sad, angry girl whose parents were moving to Australia without her, leaving her to suffer in a boarding school. ?Never,? I protested ?never, never, never. But in my heart I knew what my future held. ...read more.

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