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New Era

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A New Era As I was on my way home from another day at school, my Mum was looking anxious and she had something to tell me. As we approached our driveway she turned to me and explained to me that we were moving to Dubai, my Dad had accepted a job and we were officially moving out there at Easter. This is when it dawned that I would either leave my friends and an environment that I was used to, or live in an unknown place with no friend and a different way of life. Over the next couple of weeks I thought about that decision and came to a conclusion, I stay and become a boarder. There are lots of positives Rugby, Hockey, Academics and the environment, half of the winter term had past and this meant that boarding was round the corner, at first it was daunting but I slowly got used to it and then I started to love it. ...read more.


Everyone looking for their check-in points, they were the dreaded desks where people wait for unholy amounts of time just to put their bags on the plane. I on the other hand was focused and saw the Etihad check-in, luckily the queue at this particular airline was non-existent. I zipped to the front and I arrived at a desk, they asked me the usual questions "Did you personally pack your bag, Sir?", "Do you have any sharp items in your hand luggage?" I dutifully answered truthfully and clearly, always worrying that they might whisk me away to a horrid room if they thought I was lying. I then went over to a mass of escalators and made my way to passport control, I went straight through and a wave of relief came over me. I was air-side, the serenity and peace of people roaming around dipping in and out of shops and eating at overpriced sandwich bars. I found it amazing that so many people would eat at these places because it was a fiver for a BLT. ...read more.


was not one of these privileged people and I had to wait, I waited for a few more minutes, then the speaker blurted out "could all passengers sitting in rows 15-20 board the plane now" I was one of them, I had qualified, seat 17A as I queued to board the plane I was now very excited about the prospect of going home and seeing my family. As I showed my ticket to the air hostess, she pointed to and said "go straight down the plane" I thought to myself that this was a very silly thing to say because that I the only way you can go STRAIGHT. The flight was effortless and as the plane started it's decent I was growing more and more anxious. What had they done? How were they? And what did my apartment look like? I went through passport control at the other end; I then picked my bag of the baggage conveyor belt and headed for the door. As it opened I saw my family waving at me and I was overjoyed. ...read more.

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