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new thinking

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New Zealand New Thinking I knew nothing about New Zealand, not until the release of the film "Lord of the rings". In the film, New Zealand seems to be a fairyland to me. Attracted by the beautiful natural scenery, I decided to find more information of New Zealand on the Internet. And that is how my journey of new thinking of New Zealand starts. To many people, New Zealand is their top holiday destination with its famous natural environment. Different landscapes, beautiful beaches and volcanic activity can be found there. With such favorable environment, New Zealand is a hot-spot for eco-tourism. Travelers can start an adventure to explore the world heritage in there. ...read more.


They can take part in exciting activities like skyjumping, kart racing, canyon swinging which will be crazy but fun. For somebody who have ants in your plants, you can challenge yourselves by climbing mountains, there will be training grounds provided before the adventure to ensure your safety. In winter, you can enjoy the joy of doing winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in this international ski holiday destination. To art lovers, countries like France maybe their favourite because of the astistic atmosphere. However, if you can know more about New Zealand, you might change your old thinking that New Zealand has nothing related to art. ...read more.


Carving, weaving, kapa haka, whaikorero (oratory) and moko (tattoo) are some examples of traditional art. Until now, Maori culture is very important to New Zealand, we can find Maori culture in art, films, television programs, poetry, theatre, and hip-hop. After my search of information of New Zealand on the internet, I do think New Zealand is a place worth to go in your lifetime. Apparently, she is a country with beautiful natural scenery but actually beauty can be found not only in the natural environment but also everywhere in this country. To me, New Zealand is no longer only a holiday destination but a place for me to explore different cultures, expose to artworks and start an adventure. Hopefully, everyone can have the chance to change their old minset and know more about New Zealand. ...read more.

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