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New York, 1955, sets the scene for the dramatic tale of 'A view from a bridge.'

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A View from a Bridge New York, 1955, sets the scene for the dramatic tale of 'A view from a bridge.' It tells the tale of a poverty stricken family living in the shadows of the city. Eddie the figurehead is an emotionally torn man; his loving but forgotten wife Beatrice has lost importance to his young, attractive ward and niece Catherine unwittingly causes tension within his character. An overprotective fatherly figure he to let Catherine grow up; the problem escalates when they agree to take two illegal immigrants ('submarines') seeking work from Italy (Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho), as Catherine and Rodolpho fall in love. This love- confused tale leads to a tragic conclusion, that before would never be contemplated by this typical American family. Act two starts with the lawyer Alfieri, who sets the scene like a narrator; a Greek chorus. By starting the scene he is emphasizing his logical and moralistic presence in the play. From the outset the fatalistic nature of the "awesomeness of a passion" is highlighted and as he catalogues Eddies' frustrations obsessions, and how he is in a confused state of mind. ...read more.


Catherine for the first time expresses her confused feelings for Eddie which emphasizes her innocence "I'm afraid of Eddie here." This statement shows how the immigrants coming have changed her having respect for Eddie at the start due to the realization she fears him. The fear of Eddie's reaction to her and Rodolpho. As she progresses the light should get darker, showing Rodolpho's growing frustration. When he 'moves angrily' he could pace up and down, this would show animalistic or predatory nature, that he is frustrated that she won't believe him. At this stage Catherine shows be expressed as innocent being lower down, so not in a powerful position. Her body language should be defensive showing tension and she doesn't know how he will respond, this is her protection against him. Catherine should be presented in a confused state, similarly to how the audience will be. Eventually Catherine seems to be convinced by Rodolpho, but still shows how she is torn between Rodolpho and Eddie. Light could reflect this being a pale red or pink showing an intense atmosphere and high emotion levels. Although she is showing her fear of Eddie she is still shows her respect for him "He was good to me....I....just feel ashamed if I made him sad." ...read more.


This shows the audience that Eddie feels his masculinity is threatened by Rodolpho; this is ironic because of Eddie's sexual problems with Beatrice. It also proves that Eddie's obsessions are affecting his marriage. "I'll kill you!" highlights how Catherine has gone from feeling like Eddie could do no wrong to her wanting to kill him. At the end of the scene Eddie regains his power by being the last one to speak, Catherine and Rodolpho seem not to dare argue back at him. Through this scene two drama mediums can be of great effect other than lightening music and tone/level of voice can be used. When only Catherine and Rodolpho are in the house quiet, passionate music can be used to contrast when Eddie arrives music should be used that is powerful, with a slow heartbeat to build dramatic tension. Voices can be used to also show contrast. At first in the first half it should be quiet and no voices raised emphasizing intimacy. When Eddie comes voices should be risen and louder. The whole scene should produce the overall message of the play. The audience should leave seeing the male as dominant characters through until the end, where Eddies over obsessions ends tragically. ...read more.

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