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News Article Analysis. The broadsheet newspaper articles Listen, I will tell you what terror is written by Indra Sinha is a hybrid of an article and an appeal

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With reference to the text how does the author make the article so effective? The broadsheet newspaper articles ?Listen, I will tell you what terror is? written by Indra Sinha is a hybrid of an article and an appeal. It is aimed at financially secure British people; the main purpose of this article is to raise awareness and persuade people to donate money for the Bhopal gas victims. This disaster struck Bhopal, India on December 1984 when there was a gas leak in the Union Carbide factory. The writer uses a variety of language and literary techniques to make the article more emotive and to persuade readers to donate to the victims. The first thing the readers are attracted to is the picture of the old man, which is set right in the middle of the article. The writer deliberately used this picture to instantly capture the reader?s attention; the headline ?Listen, I will tell you what terror is? tells the audience than this man has suffered and this makes us feel sympathy for the man and makes them want to continue reading the text to find out what happened. ...read more.


Statistics gives the readers a scale of how big the problem is and also balances out the emotive and sensory language by making it more believable for the readers. The writer also uses identification in the article ?women...babies? girls? this like the statistics make the article more real and creates a greater response form the reader. Using real people in the article makes the readers feel more connected and they feel more sympathy towards the victims especially the young children and the babies. The writer uses a broad range of identification in this article ?women? man? young girls? babies? he does this so a broad range of people will identify with them and be able to put themselves in the night of the disaster therefore increasing the chance for donations. Moreover the writer makes the text more effective by using personal pronouns ?our? us? we? personal pronouns include the reader in the text and make them feel that they are in the readers shoes, it makes them feel guilty that nothing is being done to stop any of this so they are compelled to donate. ...read more.


It is placed at he bottom because after reading the article them seeing the donation box it will encourage the people to donate, if it was placed at the top and it was the first thing the readers saw then less people are likely to donate as they don?t know what the money is for. Also above the donation box is a strong quote ?? here is my gift to help those still suffering in Bhopal? this is a very convincing quote because it makes people want to donate more and if they don?t it makes them feel that they are not helping the victims. In conclusion, the writer makes the text effective by using a variety of techniques. I feel that the most effective techniques are emotive language and sensory imagery as it captures the reader emotionally and help to create sympathy for the Bhopal victims convincing then that this is a good cause to donate money to. I feel that this article was very successful in its purpose, which was to receive generous donations. With all the techniques together I feel that this article seizes the reader and make them feel intensely connected to the story. ...read more.

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