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News report

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Two Mills Times Tuesday 8th September 2009 Isabella Kong This all began in a little shop called Cobble's Corner. Cobble's corner is in the middle of the west end and the east end. The west end is believed to be for the whites which the whites do not cross the east end, on the other hand the east end is where the blacks live and they also don't cross to the west end. Some people say that if the Wonders of the world didn't stop at seven, then Cobble's Corner would be Wonders of the world 8 because of the shop's lack of customers. This knot then all started when the owner of Cobble's Corner (Mr. Cobble) opened the front door of the shop in the morning and some people believes that there he saw it....a big knot....The knot. This knot was assumed tom be dangling a flag pole. A number of had said that Mr. Cobble wanted to snip it off, but then he had an idea. He said he would prize anyone who could untie this knot with their bare hands. The prize was thought to be pizza. Mr. Cobble took the knot down and would tie the knot back up again if he found any challengers. ...read more.


More people were coming, they now were being the audiences forming the crowd but Magee was still twisting and touching the ball. Some people of the crowd was saying"What's he doin' up there that boy?" or "He gonna do it or not?"Most of the crowd was trying to ignore them and stay away from them as not to be so mean and rude. But Maniac shown that he had no interest of what some of the crowd were saying. Again the crowd went away because some had to finish their work or job instead of just watching Magee just rotating the Knot. By, lunchtime the crowd were back.....but this time not only the blacks, also the whites. This time This But this time, Maniac as shown on the expression on his face that he wanted t please the crowd this time and try to release the Knot as more people came this time. The crowd now was silently and quietly watching Magee unraveling the Knot as Magee needs to concentrate. But then FINALLY and SUDDENLY a person from the crowd cried out "HE DID IT! HE FOUND IT! HE FOUND THE END OF COBBLE'S KNOT!!!!!!!!!!" By now, everyone was screaming and gasping. The entire whole of the crowd was shouting and taking pictures and videos and chanting "MAGEE! MAGEE! ...read more.


But when the seconds became minutes they just decided(quite rudely), to leave."Mr. Cobble "I think when Magee was trying to release this Knot there was a faint grin on his face, kind of playful, like the knot not as an enemy, but just like an old pal playing a little trick on him."Anonymous (Man from the crowd) "When Magee was untying the knot I have sawn that his eyes lit up like flashbulbs, and his grin was more like a grim. Because I think he knew he was finally facing a knot that would that would stand up a fight, a worthy opponent."Anonymous (Woman from the crowd) The crowd at lunchtime was growing hot and squishy in order for more people to see what Maniac was doing. An estimation of the area of the crowd was around 7m X 7m. You maybe can hear all the screaming and racket all the way from the East End to the West, or even further maybe, so this proves that how loud the crowd went. It is quite unbelievable to see so much change from the morning to lunchtime. So now this brings up to a closing of Jeffery Lionel Magee. Whenever we need an helping had to untie any knot, no matter big or small....ASK JEFFERY LIONEL MAGEE!!!!!!!!! ?? ?? ?? ?? Two Mills Times 1 ...read more.

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