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Newspaper article on astronomy. How are the headline and picture effective and how do they link to the text

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´╗┐How are the headline and picture effective and how do they link to the text? The headline is effective because it captures the attention of the reader as the rule of three is used because three short sentences are used which are separated by a colon and a dash: ?Zoom into the Milky Way: 84 million stars revealed - big picture?. The rule of three provides a headline that is short and punctual which makes it sound professional to show the reader that this is a good quality article as headlines aren?t meant to provide a lot of information as the text fulfils this role. ...read more.


Also, the headline indicates what the topic of the article is: ?the Milky Way?- our home galaxy. As a result the reader is likely to read on as they have a clear indication of what the article is about although little information has been provided. Because not a lot of information is provided, they will be likely to read the rest of the article. The headline links to the picture as it features a zoomed out picture of the Milky Way that includes a lot of detail. It is clear that this picture contains more than is visible to the eye as it is stated in the headline that the article provides ?a big picture? on the appearance of the Milky Way. ...read more.


It is know that many people are interested at the large scale of our galaxy. By providing a visual form of this idea allows all readers to connect with this idea which encourages them to read on and find out more about this topic. The picture links to the text as the picture shows that the subject of the text is ?the Milky Way? and it subtlety hints that the text describes how large ?the Milky Way? Galaxy is as the image of the Milky Way Galaxy Is a zoomed out picture to show how large ?the Milky Way? Galaxy is, as we cannot view any discernible objects with the naked eye, including our home planet. Cassie Bahouse 11N2 ...read more.

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