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Newspaper report - Rural Vs. Urban Lifestyle

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´╗┐The Age March 27, 2010 YOUR DAILY FAVOURITE NEWSPAPER GOODWEEKEND Rural Vs. Urban Lifestyle To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace. - Milan Kundera. Lorem Ipsum In libris graecis appetere mea. At vim odio lorem omnes, pri id iuvaret partiendo. Vivendo menandri et sed. Lorem volumus blandit cu has.Sit cu alia porro fuisset. Ea pro natum invidunt repudiandae, his et facilisis vituperatoribus. Mei eu ubique altera senserit, consul eripuit accusata has ne. In libris graecis appetere mea. Aliquam id libero. Nunc cursus. Maecenas fringilla accumsan magna. Sed consectetur tincidunt nisl. By Shaun Mellars Reading that quotation on a calendar reminded me about a recent cool summer?s evening when my dog and I went for a walk. The world was green, filled with the scent of nature with the sound of birds happily chirping and the gentle flow of a nearby stream. ...read more.


This shows that its population is growing by nearly 200 people a day. This could be for many reasons, one of them being young people are having difficulty remaining on the land, particularly if they are choosing to continue further studies after Year 12. Last week I spoke with 19-year-old Lexi Jones. She used to live in the rural town of Swan Hill, but after deciding on studying Advanced Physics at RMIT, was forced to move to Melbourne. ?The travel distance was just too great. I couldn?t manage to get to university if I stayed with my parents, so now I?m sharing a flat with my friend, who is also studying at RMIT. Rent is much more expensive in the city, compared to what I?m used to. However, I do enjoy going shopping around the city, the variety is just amazing and the modern amenities are great.? Lexi told me. ?I?m still getting used to the public transport system. ...read more.


?We do sometimes miss the Melbourne culture but it is only a few hours? drive away.? One thing that Ellen found astonishing was the amount of stars that she was able to see in the sky. ?In Melbourne we were hardly able to see the stars ? there was so much ambient light. Here, we stare in amazement at the sky ? there are millions of stars to be seen every night.? Every coin has two sides to it. Urban on one side, offers a wide variety of opportunities, a great night life and wonderful facilities, whereas rural life on the other side offers tranquillity, ?nature? and possibly a cheaper lifestyle. These different aspects attract different people, stereotypically senior citizens tend to travel out towards the rural areas to escape the hectic lifestyle in the urban areas, whereas generation Y tends to travel into the urban areas for the fun life or maybe because urban areas offer a lot more opportunities. In the end, we will all make our own choices, but personally, I?d rather be sitting on that hillside with my dog... Image courtesy of http://gatherine.files.wordpress.com March 17, 2010 GoodWeekend ...read more.

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