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Night of the scorpion and Blessing both display images of the place. Each culture is similar in some ways. Scorpion is set a rural place and Blessing is presented in an urban place.

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How does the poet create an image of a place in 'Night of the scorpion'? compare this with the way an image of a place is created in one other poem. 'Night of the scorpion' and 'Blessing' both display images of the place. Each culture is similar in some ways. 'Scorpion' is set a rural place and 'Blessing' is presented in an urban place. In 'Night of the scorpion' Nissim ezekial uses imagery to show what the people were like. 'like swarms of flies' he also describes the scorpion as the 'evil one'. ...read more.


We know that he poem is set in a small hut as it says 'The mud baked walls'. This tells us that it is set in a very poor area. The language in blessing is similar to the language of 'Scorpion'. For example they both use religious language. Such as 'God' and 'Blessing. The writer uses the word blessing to show that the water was blessed from god. At first 'Imtiaz Dharker' starts of explaining how there is no water and then there is a sudden rush of water. ...read more.


to collect as much water as possible and in stanza four it tells us about the pressure of having enough water to drink. In scorpion the structure is different in comparison to blessing. The poem is written in a free verse with varying length and no rhyme. The first part of the poem is long and full of activity and the second part is short as it is three lines long. The structure of scorpion links with the themes as it starts off with a lot of lines and a lot of activity and as the poem starts to slow down there are fewer lines used. ...read more.

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