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Night To Remember It was the fifth of November

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A Night To Remember It was the fifth of November, a night of smoke, lights and the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers for sale. Not only was it bonfire night, it was going to be a night to remember. I started the day as usual, getting up at seven and having a wash and getting ready to go to school. I was so excited that I agitated and all bubbly inside. I arrived at school on time, and the night ahead was the talking point. Everybody was going to Red Barnes for the greatest and best bonfire and firework display ever! People were saying that it was that good that the Prime Minster was going, like it was true, but it was going to be a huge and unbelievable display. I remember sitting in my chair at school just wanting that final bell of the day to go, and I kept looking and watching the clock, and it seemed as though the seconds had turned to minutes and the minutes had turned to hours. It was taunting and tedious. At last I could go home and get changed and have some tea and dive head first into the night, so I could watch and hear all the greatest lights and bangs the county had ever seen. ...read more.


We eventually got in and I got a hamburger and a coke that tasted exquisite, the best I've ever had. While in the queue I saw my good friend John. We talked about what fireworks we desperately wanted to see. I wanted to see the spinning spiral that spun off and burst into an array of stunning and mind-blowing colours, while he wanted to see the rockets, which screeched up and blew up in to a series of bangs. I then took my place in the front row to watch the display. It began at seven, but didn't start till just after. The first firework was spectacular. It was illuminous purple, with firey reds and intense greens in it and the whole audience stood back with mouths open in amazement. The only way I can describe it is that it was like something out of Star Trek, an episode, which I had seen recently where a planet in the solar system had exploded and divided up into pieces of golden greens and catastrophic reds. The first ten minutes were absolutely stunning, and the sight and smell of smoke reminded you of a war, and the sound of bangs and the flashes of light, with sudden changes of colour in one firework, added to the effect and was better than opening your presents on Christmas day. ...read more.


When mum visited me a few days later, I learned that three kids had been injured and two killed. I was devastated. As I learned more I found out that after the firework had swiped my head open it had spun out of control and hit five other kids. The show that I had been waiting in desperation for had turned out to be cruel to not just me but the children and families of five others. After leaving hospital a few days later more bad news came to me. One of my friends, John had been one of the children who had died. At this point I wished I could turn back time, because John was such a heart warming, sympathetic and passionate type of person and he was truly magnificent, and I also wondered why god works in such strange ways and could be so cruel. As I mourned the death of a good friend I realised that life had to on and nothing could be changed. I kept saying to myself, "Things happen for a reason," and then I would say, "What possible reasons could it be?" To this day though I will remember what happened for the good reasons and the bad, and I will remember my good friend John and his family, and think to myself 'How Lucky I Am,' ...read more.

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