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Nightmare in the city

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Nightmare in the city It was a cold dark night in metropolis, a large city just outside of New York, USA. The year is 2199 and the dawning of a new centuary is apon us with great delight to most of the million citizens or so that live here. But in the ranks we were more worried about the mass killings that strangely occur this time every hundred years. I am an underground detective that investigates for the police "The names Brody, Detective Brody," I said to the new Detective sergeant of the NYPD. "It's good to meet ya, Kid," the new sergeant growled at me through the thick black smoke of his cigar. My first impressions of the character were one of trust and one of dress sense, which in both cases he had none of. ...read more.


I ran for about two minutes then I tripped over a large object on the floor I looked around and I found a woman on the floor unconscious and bleeding heavily so I instantly called an ambulance to help come and pick her up. Buy the time they arrived she was dead. No one knew who was there on site could understand her cause of death, No impact wounds on the head or body which could have caused the blood, No gunshot on her body, nothing. This got me even more worried. I got home about two hours later, the shock of seeing someone in that condition made me sick. Who or what as the case could be did this to such an innocent person. ...read more.


Unfortunately my time had come to leave the warm comfort of my home and headed downtown to my office on 12th and 9th. I left my apartment with caution, as you don't quite know what is going to happen at this time of year. As I left the tatty main door to the block I saw all of the wonderful displays that all of the children had made for the city up in flames. They looked like old torn clothes rather than wonderful display of affection to the community. It looked like a scene from an old space movie where only the star was left after they destroyed the planet. The city even had the red glow of the fires that were here and their, as the fire robots tried to extinguish them Ben Farrant 10J English Writing Coursework ...read more.

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