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No Escape.

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No Escape It was still dark when she awoke, and, looking up, she could see the stars through the windows. The wind blows sweetly through the flickering sky. But Rosie was not as tranquil as the calm sky. The sky, the world, and the whole universe appeared to be a chaotic blur as Rosie's tears filled in her eyes, the darkness spreading its way through her whole mind. It was as if the world had fallen silent because her soul had. She sat there, staring blankly through the window, wishing that she had died, and that everything would end forever at that moment. Yet she knew she could not because she had promised Mum that one day she would face the real world. And one day she would move her life on. There was just no way she could escape. No escape! Everything inside her was shaking uncontrollably. She let the sobs and shivers go and they echoed through the lonely night. The misery and the loneliness were seeping through her bones and her heart. Her skin was raw and her mind was bitter. She was at the point of becoming frantic. ...read more.


So she decided to kept it all to herself. And pretend that Mum would get better. Time was now flying like a comet. They were half way through that final year of Mum's life. They tried very hard to make her as comfortable as possible and fulfil her wishes. Rosie wanted to show her that she was strong and that there would be a miracle. Every time Rosie saw her Mum was fighting like a hero, she wanted to cry, but she didn't want her Mum to become worried. She wanted her Mum to be happy until the last minute. She allowed no weakness to show in her eyes and she even practised her fake smile from time to time. On the last day of Rosie's Mum life, amazingly, she was awoke quite a long time. She called Rosie to her bed. Rosie sat there smiling her fake smiles. She smiled back cheerfully and held Rosie's hand in her feeble little hand. She gazed at Rosie and sigh " I think my time is up" "No, Mum. You will get better," Claimed Rosie. She smiled once again and rocked her head slightly " I know my body better than anyone else. ...read more.


So darling, I know exactly how you feel, but you have to move on your life and try the best for your future. After all, your mother would not want to see you so miserable. She wanted to see you happy and getting on with your life. Rosie cried once again, but this time she was crying goodbye to her grief. Her Dad hugged her and rocked her like a baby. After a while, Rosie lifted her head up and asked " Dad could we going to Mum's grave?" " Yes, of course darling." Finally they arrived at Rosie's Mum's grave. Rosie bent down and gently putted a red rose on the gravestone. " Mum, I know you have entered a better place where you don't suffer anymore. And I know you will always be a part of my heart. My soul is free now. As I promised you, I will not run away anymore, and I am going to trying my best for my future. Now I really understand what you said no running away. Anyway, take care of yourself. Bye, bye mother. The sweet spring wind gently kissed Rosie's cheek. As if Rosie's mother was still alive. Rosie smiled and walked back home with her Dad. She now had a new beginning... ...read more.

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