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No Excuse for Torture

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´╗┐NF 20/4/2014 No Excuse for Torture After 9/11 bomb, America started to break the most moral and humane rule that they were proud of being a defender of and spread it throughout the world under the messages of peace and freedom. As Andrew Sullivan mentions "Torture is the polar opposite of freedom. It is the banishment of all freedom from a human body and soul, insofar as that is possible." Besides its "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment" traits, torture doesn't have any advantages or benefits. Can we find useful side of cannibalism, rape, genocides? At that point, people might say that torture is kind of different from them. If there is any difference between them it would be that the torture is worse. Death is the ending of the lives, but torture is the beginning and prolonging of death. As a result, torture should be totally banned, and it shouldn't be allowed under any circumstances. The banishment of torture came from the fact that torture is the most inhumane abuse that can be existed on the earth, and the one who does the torture is always the one who has superiority over the tortured person. ...read more.


They are all accused for inhumanity and cruelty, and America some of them under the name of the good guy. It logical to think what America is trying to prove now. What would be the line that separates US from cruel dictators from now on? There will be no line if America uses torture under the excuse that the terrorists are doing worse. Gandhi's famous quote "eye for an eye make the world blind" can clarify the image. Mr. Charles Krauthammer in,"The Truth about Torture", argue "Breaking the laws of war and abusing civilians are what, to understate the matter vastly, terrorists do for a living. They are entitled, therefore, to nothing. Anyone who blows up a car bomb in a market deserves to spend the rest of his life roasting on a spit over an open fire. But we don't do that because we do not descend to the level of our enemy" First of all, it can't be surely declared that terrorists do them for a living; there are different reasons that make one person to commit such as big crimes like bombing. ...read more.


We can only see "ticking time bomb" scenario in movies like 24. Furthermore, people should ask themselves, what type of bomb can actually kill thousands of people or have in fact killed thousands? The only bomb that can kill thousands is nuclear bombs, which terrorists don?t have. The bombers that are prepared to do terroristic acts are not amateur people, they are highly trained personals. Even If they get caught with having information, CIA or the officials can't guarantee that the terrorist would say the truth. In the result, the terrorist might mislead the police and make the situation worse. For examples, Khalid Sheikh Walid was put under a highly intense torture in Guantanamo, and he couldn?t resist even for a minute. He confessed, but after the celebration of his confession, it was found out that he actually lied to them. In conclusion, there is no reason for America to allow torture to be used against anyone. America should try to find other effective and useful ways to work with the terrorists instead of giving the right to Afghanis, Iraqis and Tajik People to hate America and consider America as barbarian and inhumane country ...read more.

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