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NO to animal testing

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End to Animal Testing Thousands each day, millions each year died due to testing. These animals are used in laboratories to test chemicals in products and also used in research for the study of diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Unfortunately, the prices that these animals had to pay were too much for them to handle, tremendous suffering, and most often death. The legislation established by the government, guidelines for animal testing in laboratories does not apply to every animal. There are still many who question whether or not animal testing is actually reliable in research for human products and diseases. The issue of animal testing becomes a big question, whether it's humanly to do animal testing for human benefits? Humans are harming animals in testing without even knowing whether or not the lives of these animals were just wasted. ...read more.


The American Red Cross tested a new bandage technology by inflicting severe liver injuries, kidney injuries, and artery damage on live pigs. The American Heart Association conducted an experiment to research human heart disease by dissecting the heart vessels of 27 dogs while they were still alive. The March of Dimes Foundation, known for its controversial experiments which experimenters had sewn the eyelids of newborn kittens shut for months. The March of Dimes even admitted later on that this study provided no clinical relevance or advancement in research. AIDS research, conducted by using chimpanzees. In one study, chimpanzees were injected with a variety of different types of HIV and then put in small isolation chambers in laboratories. Due to the stress and isolation of being confined in these small cages, many of the chimpanzees ended up becoming psychotic and most of them ended up dying from AIDS. ...read more.


If we were them, how would we feel being treated as nothing but "testing materials"? We need to put an end to this suffering and let animals have their rights. If animal testing was to stop now, the progress of medical progress would speed up, because the alternatives such as in-vitro techniques are less time-consuming, more accurate, and less expensive than using animals. If we are looking to make any progress in medicine, an entirely new approach is required. It is dangerous to apply data received from one species and apply it to another entirely different species. Also, we never know what's behind these cruel practices to the poor animals. We need to leave these animals alone, and they should be where they belong, not within our hands because we considered ourselves as "superior." Let's save the animals from suffering and billions of dollars on financing towards this ineffective cruel act. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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