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non fiction - martial arts being taught in schools

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Dear Sir or Madam I am writing to express my views and opinions about the subject of a martial art being taught in the national curriculums core Physical Education lessons. I think, and many statistics and evidence have supported this, that a martial art is a good way for students to gain confidence, stay healthy, learn a form of self defence and, it is proven that a martial art is a competent way to help relieve the stress levels caused by school work, exams and coursework. The current curricular consists of contact sports such as dodge ball, rugby, and lacrosse. It also has non-contact sports such as swimming and tennis. There is no physical way to learn to defend oneself taught in core PE lessons. Yet it is included in the current extra curricular activities, which are hosted by the schools. It has been proven many times that school work increases the stress levels in teenagers due to the controlled, hardworking and quiet environments. ...read more.


Although if a martial arts was taught to everyone then bullies will be able to use that to bully others, but the martial arts will be able to help students to defend themselves against them or at least give them a equal chance. Over the last century we have discovered more than we have in the previous half a millennium. Some scientists believe that the next century will be even greater. Although some have performed experiments to show that the confidence and intelligence of current students are continuously decreasing. They have evidence to show that if students do not have a major confidence boost the Human Race will begin to devolve until we reach that of the Roman Empire. And again they believe once we devolve to that era we will again devolve until we finally reach the evolution of the ice age. With global warming then we will be within an ice age and we will also be within the evolutionary stages of the ice age. ...read more.


This was mainly due to the fact that he was a fisherman in his earlier life. It has been recorded that a relative of his has recently died due to heart problems caused by the starchy noodles and oily fish. They have both led very similar lives and have not been exposed to any different risks. Although the younger of the two, who has recently passed at the age of 72, was not involved in any sort of physical martial arts. This proves that martial arts can make your life expectancy almost double. Martial arts can boost the life expectancy; stop bullying, help people gain confidence and reduce stress levels. If we were to include one in physical education lessons then it will benefit everyone. I believe that if we do not include one then the amount of students who are being bullied will consequently rise until over 1 billion of them have received bullies. You must include it; it is a great way to help everyone. Personally I have been doing a martial art for over seven years and I am very rarely stressed and have not been bullied since I have taken up the sport. Yours faithfully, David Matthewson ...read more.

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