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Non-Fiction personal writing.

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Non-Fiction Cromer 2002 It was the summer of 2002 Friday 13th July to be exact! I knew a couple of months before that my mum and dad were going on holiday in the caravan, but I was only willinh to go if I could take a friend with me. They eventually agreed to it, so I asked Quinny. Quinny had to work the morning of Saturday 14th July but that was ok, because we werent leaving till after dinner and he had brought all he neede for the holiday up the night before. We were all ready for off at about 1 o'clock on the Saturday, I was expecting a long journey as I had been to the same campsite the year before and it takes about three hours on a good day. But thankfully we didnt get lost on the way so we got there just before tea-time. Quinny and I waited in the car while my mum and dad signed us in and got our pitch number. Number nine was our pitch this time, which wasnt that far away from where we were last year. I'll just tell you one more thing about last year then I will move on, I met a girl called Vicky who I spent most of the holiday with. ...read more.


We said ''Yes'' because we had to get home ourselves and couldnt afford to get lost because it took about thirty minutes from the start of town to get back to the caravan and we now we were at the other end of it! When we were half-way to Faye's house they asked us if we wanted to stay there for the night? After quite sometime of discussing how good it would be we decided not to because we didnt think it was very fair on my mum staying out only on the second night. So we gave them a goodnight kiss and headed back to the caravan, not knowing until we saw the church clock that it was quarter to two in the morning. So we started to run because we knew we had at least another thirty minutes to go, after a lot of running my feet started to hurt so we stopped while I took my shoes off and started to run again! Nearly back we saw a manly shadow, that was walking towards us so we started to slow done, eventually walking again. When he got nearer we could see who it was and weirdly enough it was the man we had seen the night before 'Darren Hayes'. ...read more.


So we got up and went to look for them to ask if this was true? They werent on the beach or in BB's so we didnt know where to look for them and by this time we nearly had the entire population of Cromer after us, well the youth population anyway. After about an hour of searching for them we decided to go back to the caravan and get some sleep ready to go home in the morning, we were slightly gutted but we couldnt do anything about it so we started to walk! We hadnt really thought about the 'Darren Hayes' man until we yet again saw what looked like a shadow on the otherside of the road, so we crossed over and said 'Why are you out at this time of night?' he replied 'Im thinking of words for a new song Im writing'. We couldnt believe it! It was Darren Hayes all along, we had been walking past a superstarr without knowing. We talked to him for ages, well we would have spoken more, but there just wasnt enough time we had to set-off back home soon! We thnaked Darren ever so much for his time and wished him good look for the future. Back in the tent we were speachless we had just met Darren Hayes that topped the whole holiday off. It was and will forever be the best holiday I will go on!! ...read more.

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