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Non-Fiction Travel Writing - Hastings

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?????????????????????????? July 14th Tumultuous trip to Hastings, three-and-a-half hour car journey which can only be compared to a paralysed snail's expedition up a particularly high wall. Gridlock and pandemonium awaited us on the M25, as the throng of south-bound holiday-makers and the hoi polloi of London-based office drones collided like mighty armies, the traffic swarming like an ant colony around the busy metropolis of the capital. This onslaught of vociferous office workers and strident sightseers created tension within our small family vehicle, so I settled down to sleep out the remainder of our difficult drive. After an extended period of repose in our admirable hotel rooms, the ceremonial matriarchal complaints about the most inconsequential of matters, several cups of tea (another complaint from mother here), and some intrepid exploration of the somewhat gargantuan hotel, we set out on the invigorating coastal walk to the abode of my cousins. ...read more.


We set out at around 11:00am to spend a day on the beach. Slightly too congested with screaming youngsters for my liking, but we settled down nonetheless and I partook in all of the classic 'family beach holiday' activities such as swimming merrily in the Channel, building complex castles and other structures in the sand (with my father, a charlatan to the precise art of sand shaping), rapidly (for they were melting faster than a snowman in a sauna) eating ice creams, and sipping cool beverages beside the gently-lapping waters. After I had swiftly returned to the shower in my hotel bedroom, rinsed the last of the most stubborn sand from between my toes, and changed my clothes, we set off once again to journey to the town centre to purchase some souvenirs for family and friends back home, and later in the evening to find a restaurant at which to have dinner. ...read more.


My mother seemed to go a little overboard on the wine (no surprises there), yet on the whole the poor meal and drab family conversation could almost be excused by the charming environment and friendly staff of this jovial establishment. We returned to the hotel at around 10:30pm, and I dozed off to my final night in my comfortable bed, resting up for the long (and no doubt extremely tedious) journey the following day. And a long journey it certainly was! Our second crawl down the motorway was a little more lugubrious than its predecessor, as our weekend had, on the whole, been enjoyed, and the trip home gave me time to contemplate, and to write this journal. The End ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Charman 11TA - Candidate 7074 - Centre 17243 03/05/2007 06:40:57 ...read more.

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