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North and South Essay

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North and South Essay The sun rose to a beautiful crisp morning and as I sat at the breakfast table I couldn't help but compliment the fine weather. My husband and daughter entered and seated themselves, yet their dark expressions seemed to cloud the sunny sky. Cheerfully, I tried to discuss my plans for that day, what I would do, whom I would visit. I talked on, though my family gave me little encouragement. They seemed to be so self-involved, when they should be paying attention to me. Richard explained that he'd be home late, however I thought nothing of it, he often stays out, paying visits to those high in society. I wandered up the stairs to dress myself in attire suitable for school and as I did so I began to think about Mr Lennox, a handsome, dashing young man who would make a perfect husband to a sensible young woman, particularly one like my daughter. ...read more.


Yet as I looked into her face I saw a deep worry. She believed every word she said, even if I didn't. Sitting down, I began to cry. Surely Richard would not take such drastic measures without consulting me. But doubt lingered in my mind. I realised that my husband would prefer to discuss business matters with my daughter rather than me. I felt hurt and betrayed. Was my advice worthless? Thoughts flashed through my mind. Why was I not told about these decisions? We couldn't leave Helstone! I love Helstone. I'd made friends, I had a place in society. This was unfair to me! Realising the truth I let Margaret comfort me. My body was shaking violently as I sobbed. I didn't want to leave. Why didn't someone listen to what I want? "He's planning on leaving Helstone in a fortnight." ...read more.


That day passed in a series of dreaded thoughts laced with tears. My mind was so muddled it didn't make any sense. Margaret did her best to help me through the day. She forced herself to be optimistic comforting me with new thoughts, ideas and hopes to replace the withered ones. I slowly realised that perhaps it would not be as terrible as I initially thought. Richard appeared, as promised at seven. He looked crestfallen, distraught, destroyed. Throwing myself into his arms I gently cried. Yet when saw the clouds in his eyes, I promised to myself that I'd try harder to be strong. He held me for a moment then kissed my forehead. "Now Maria, you look unwell," he said, concerned for my health. "I feel fine," I lied for I felt emotionally drained. He forced a smile as he sat down. "I'm sorry I didn't consult you, but we'll be fine," he said softly, beginning the story of our future, our future in the north. ...read more.

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