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Not a Good Day.

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Not a Good Day. The classroom was stuffy. The lesson was boring. There was a heavy atmosphere in the room; everyone was tense wondering if the teacher was going to explode again, ranting and raving. The teacher, Mr Perry, was being as annoying as possible, talking in a deep, slow, flat voice, pronouncing each word as slowly and perfectly as possible. "So, if you multiply together these two numbers, and divide the answer by six, you get the answer to the question." It hadn't been a good day for him so far today. His car had broken down this morning, he had loads of overdue marking to do, his year eight class earlier in the day had caused him a load of hassle and he had a meeting with his boss after he had finished teaching and he knew it wasn't going to be good news. It was the end of the day and no-one wanted to be in the lesson. It was one of those beautiful, warm sunny summer afternoons outside, but inside it felt like the calm before the storm. Earlier on in the lesson it hadn't been pleasant. ...read more.


He marched over towards the door, and opened it and politely said "after you." There was a muffled whisper of good luck from the back of the room as Anna disappeared out of sight. There was more air out in the corridor, the fresh summer breeze felt good on her face, it was easier to breathe, and she went and stood by the open window, a luxury they weren't allowed in the classroom. "What do you want sir?" Anna wanted to get straight to the point and know what she had done wrong. "Is there something wrong Anna, at school, or at home maybe?" "No, why?" " I just wanted to know if there was something bothering you, something that you wanted to take your mind off. You seem to be becoming a persistent troublemaker and I don't want you to be because you're a good student the majority of the time. Recently though your behaviour has been starting to slip, you're letting your standards drop. I don't like troublemakers in my lessons. If you think that you are going to get away with any of this bad behaviour, you can think again about coming back to my lessons. You can go back inside now." ...read more.


He wasn't really thinking straight and he just snapped. "THAT IS ENOUGH. GET OUT OF HERE NOW." He stood up from his desk and strode over to where she sat. He gave her that evil glare again but this time it was full of evil and hatred. He towered over her, shaking with anger "I SAID ANNA TAILOR, GET OUT OF HERE NOW." He raised his fist, and that did it for Anna, she leapt out of her seat, and ran to the door screaming "You haven't heard the last of this, I'll be back you know, I swear that I'm going to get you fired." Mr Perry stood there, perfectly still and silent, realising what he had done as he stared at Anna disappearing down the corridor out of sight. The rest of the class was shocked, no-one said a word, no-one moved. Work was the last thing on everyone's mind. Luckily, the bell went. Time seemed to have disappeared. Everyone packed their bags in silence and just crept out of the room. Mr Perry still stood in the exact same place, not moving at all with a frozen expression fixed on his face. Francesca Haynes 10N ...read more.

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