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Not Just a Kiss

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Not Just a Kiss That Kiss! The feel of her lips tight against his, the feel of them slowly becoming lost in each other, the pleasure of exploring each other further, beyond their lips, beyond the intertwining of his tongue with hers, beyond everything physical. They were one. Heart, mind, body and soul. This kiss meant everything to him. No maybe it was the moment it was stolen in. He was feeling so high, what could be making him feel this way? He'd had moments like this before, kisses that were almost identical so what was so different this time? He couldn't put his finger on it and he had had it on his mind all night since he'd left her and he hadn't slept for even a second. The excitement was so overwhelming he couldn't have slept even if he'd have wanted to. Yet despite this he felt refreshed, completely at peace and his cheeky was monolithic. As he rose from his hotel bed which was laden with simple white sheets he walked over to the wardrobe and looked in the full length mirror. ...read more.


Her little slim legs appeared longer than they were in black fishnet stockings almost hidden by black knee high boots. He was woken from his daydream by a knock on the door. It was his band mates who'd visited the club with him last night after their concert. "Dan, you in there?" "Yeah, wait a minute!" Dan threw on a pair of jeans over his tartan boxer shorts which hung tight around his toned thighs. Then he covered his perfect abs with a retro style red and blue t-shirt sporting the logo of a monkey and the capital "Spank me" splashed across the front, before opening the door. His band mates looked back at him in amazement. He looked dreadful and had a photo shoot in less than half an hour. After being forgiven and rushing into the limo, they reached the photo session just about on time! It went without any problems and was over in less than an hour but only after makeup and styling which he especially hated as most guys do. In the end though it was all worth it as "Reality" would now be on the cover of every teen magazine in England but Dan was unfazed. ...read more.


"I'll take you home." "It's alright I can walk home from here." "Then at least let me walk you." "Ok, but first you have to tell me your name." "Dan, and yours?" "Molly" By the time they reached the warm green door of her terraced house they knew everything there was to know about each other all except that Dan was a popstar. They were totally enchanted by each other and though neither wanted the night to end Molly made the first move. "Well I guess this is goodnight then?" "Guess so" As Molly placed her key in the lock Dan grabbed her, thrust her around and kissed her on the lips, but not passionately. He kissed her like you kiss your grandma. "Call that a kiss! This is a kiss!" and with that she grabbed him gently with both hands placed carefully on his cheeks pressing her lips tightly against his. At this point he stopped thinking about it and just enjoyed it. The feel of exploring one another further, then further still with their tongues. As he stopped reminiscing he had only one thing on his mind, to find this girl and repeat that kiss!.... 1 ...read more.

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