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Not my best side

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Not My Best Side Fanthrope's poem is divided into to three separate parts as the points of view of the three different characters. The first part is told from�9 the dragon (or "the monster")'s point of view, here the author used personification, providing the dragon with feelings and an opinion of his own, therefore giving him human-like features; he's feeling a bit cantankerous towards the artist who painted him given that he didn't give him a chance to pose properly thus only portraying his 'bad' side. Furthermore, he's saddened by the thought that the other characters aren't taking him seriously, he generates the idea that the fact that his "victim" (the girl) only holds him by a flimsy string is a way of emasculating him or taking away his pride in a way. ...read more.


Windows of wonderment (My own version of Not My Best Side) Part 1- I still wait for him everyday. Mother holds me up against the cold hard window pane while I stare infinitely into the open space in front of me. I gaze upon our driveway hoping to see his car drive in, to hear the soft clacking of his shoes, the gentle wheezing of his breath or the breezy tone of his words. Mother sighs and looks away while a single tear trickles down her left cheek; I pretend not to notice whilst she hastily wipes it away and lets out a tiny sniffle. Everyday I purposely put together excuses, explanations, to reason his agonizing absence; I foolishly blame myself, my poor mother and yet every time I regrettably come to the same conclusion, it's not our fault. ...read more.


Just for a few seconds, his hope is restored, as he stares out to the unknown. I can see his mind drifting off, the wheels in his head turning, trying to come up with any and every possible explanation for his father's absence, but it's when he's smacked across the face by the bitter truth of reality that his expression abruptly changes back to what it was, and the only words circling his mind are "he's not coming". I know I should protect him from such pain and suffering, but what's a pitiable mother to do when her permanently scarred son keeps reaching out for the affection of that devil-like brute he calls his father? It's not fair on him, or me. The dream of a normal life is lost alongside with hope, trust and belief. This is the pain of abandonment that leaves an innocent child hopelessly enduring pain and suffering, waiting, waiting and forever wondering. ...read more.

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