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Not Yet Forgotten

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Not Yet Forgotten There have been many wonderful periods of time in my life and the one I have chosen to talk about here is high school. Not the English type of high school, but the Romanian one: those four years before university. Before I had got there, I had already got used to the idea that school is an unlikely place for friendships to occur and it can't get any better than boredom and stress. Nevertheless, it was with hope and confidence that I stepped into the high school entrance. From the very first day I could feel something was going on well. ...read more.


I would then take the bus and watch the sunrise on my way to the last station. The buses at that time of the day were terribly crowded and despite the fact that us pupils had special buses on which others weren't allowed to board, no-one respected that rule. Afterwards, I would have to walk to the high school for about ten minutes past a great statue of a Romanian revolutionary and fighter which had different backgrounds, depending on the weather. The statue was in front of a cathedral for which the city is famous: an enormous, astonishingly beatiful Orthodox cathedral built in the middle ages. ...read more.


They let me know that I can really be loved for who I am and that being yourself is worth it. The teachers were, for the first time ever, happy to teach us and be part of the education system. The lessons were fun, informative and, although quite tiring, we would all leave the high school at the end of the day with a smile on our face, if not laughing. That single year of high school was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I have had until now. Sometimes my friends and I would skip classes and go to a pub in the city centre, but these naughty adventures will take their place in another story, another time. ...read more.

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