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Notes from a small island

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Notes from a small island The baggage limit was only 20kg per person even though everyone had exceeded that. I couldn't really complain as I was one of them. One of the best things about being in business class was our tickets were free and the seats allowed you to sleep for a nice long time. That's why when we landed I wasn't tired at all. Realizing I could turn my phone on I did so only to receive a bunch of offers from some place called Batelco. After getting my passport stamped 5 times I went to get my baggage. I wondered why everyone's looked the same and why mine always came last. Maybe it was god punishing me for my free tickets. Well anyway I think I got my luggage but took a huge chance. As I walked out of the airport a bunch of people holding names surrounded me with the warmest welcome of screaming names. Luckily I was rescued by my hotels driver who had already seen my face off the photo I sent them. ...read more.


As we came closer to the hotel we went passed the grand mosque where the driver decided to pray. The main attraction of the mosque was being big not to mention only 20 people came to pray. After the prayer we came to the hotel which was opposite the mosque. As soon as I entered the hotel I was given the keys to my room. Apparently the room was so nice and clean they forgot to flush the toilets and make the beds. Since the main reason I was in a country I hadn't heard of was a business conference I thought I might get a leaflet that shows me what the main attractions of this country was since the conference was at 9 tomorrow. Luckily the hotel manager had a tour guide who surely guided me everywhere which was nowhere. I didn't really want to see a tree or take a photo so that crossed of the tree of life. I also hated museums so that crossed of the only museum in Bahrain. ...read more.


I got in to my suit and carried a briefcase full of nothing to make me look important. The hotel had a breakfast everyday which I spilled most of on my suit anyway. The taxi driver then drove me to the Sheraton hotel where the conference was situated on another epic journey where this time at the traffic light he rolled his windows and got into a fight. As I walked into the conference I was informed it was cancelled allowing me to go the hotel where once the I was amazed with the driving again. This time something else happened where some guy crashed on us and came out only to mention it was our fault. Checking out of the hotel was no problem as well as they charged me for towels which they claimed missing. Since the company I work for was paying for it I wasn't really bothered complaining they weren't there to begin with. My journey back home give me a sigh of relief even though I missed the driving. Maybe the trip was pointless as the conference was cancelled but important lessons were learnt. The biggest one was not going back there at all. ...read more.

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