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Notes on "The Great Gatsby" chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: * Gatsby's party brings 1920s wealth and glamour into focus * Nick receives an invitation to go to Gatsby's party and Nick agrees to go, however when he arrives he feels out of place. * Guests spreading rumours about Gatsby - no one seems to know the truth about Gatsby or his success to wealth or personal history. * Nick learns from the rumours that Gatsby: was a German spy within the war through Jordan's friend (Lucille) and also learns that Gatsby went to Oxford, along with that he killed a man in cold blood. * Nick and the reader learn that Nick and Gatsby served in the same division within the war. ...read more.


* Nick describes Jordan Baker as: dishonest as she cheated in her golf tournament but Nick is attracted to her despite her dishonesty. * West Egg and East Egg, both attend Gatsby's party - the "new rich" lack the refinement, manners and taste of the "old rich" but long to break into the polite society of the East Eggers. * Despite the tension between West Egg and East Egg, the blend between them creates a distinctly American mood. * Gatsby is introduced in Chapter 3 - reader has been seeing Gatsby from a distance and has heard about him through other characters discussing him and Nick's thoughts. ...read more.


* Focuses on the gap between observation and reality - the party, Owl Eyes states that Gatsby has captured the effect of the theatre, a kind of honesty and dishonesty that portrays Gatsby's approach to this aspect of his life. The party is seen as an elaborate theatrical presentation and Owl Eyes suggest that Gatsby's whole life is a show (believing that his books might not even be real) * Nick's description of his life in NYC calls attention to the difference between substance and appearance - emphasizes the colour of the city and its dangerous lack of balance. The city has an "adventurous feel" but also is a "racy", a word with negative moral connotations. ...read more.

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