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Nothing is Impossible

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Nothing is impossible 'It's impossible!' exclaimed Sarah after he saw a French newspaper with a picture of me on it. It was a very strange photograph, in which I appeared playing football and wearing football clothes. I had no words to describe the situation. There was a picture of myself playing football in the French city of Lyon. 'Is that you?' asked Sarah. 'Of course not,' I answered. Then I started thinking about it; I had just arrived in France for the first time in my life, I hated football and I had just seen a picture of myself playing football in a French newspaper. 'That is so awesome! They say that you are the best football player in the country,' 'No I am not, I hate football remember?' I stopped to think about it and then I continued 'That must be another boy that looks like me, it is just a coincidence. Lets go, our plane to London is about to depart.' I had just realized how late it was. Our plane back to London was going to depart in around ten minutes. We were going back to London after having a marvellous holiday in Spain. Our flight was from Malaga to Paris and then to London, as it was the cheapest flight Sarah had found. ...read more.


He was neither in the list of young football players nor in the list of the young football players in Lyon. That made me freak out. Who was that boy I had seen on the French newspaper? I wanted to find out who he was. I was not sure how could I find out who this boy was. Maybe I was not supposed to find out. Maybe it was none of my business to find out about him. First, I thought of asking my parents but then I decided that if they knew anything they should have told me. I was very confused and decided for the second time to forget about it, although I did not succeed. Weeks later, I was in the library. I decided to look at the BBC News. Then, I saw a big, red, bold headline stating 'French Footballer Star'. I quickly clicked on it. I was about to find out who he was! Once the article had loaded, I tried to find a photograph of him, however he was not like me, it had all been a mistake. Although he was also seventeen years old, he was called George Dennis. I was relaxed now, there was not anyone identical to my. ...read more.


The maximum time I could work was 2 hours, as they wanted me to continue studying hard. However working in the library did have many advantages, I was able to use the computer at any time and I had a special study room. One day, once my job time had finished I decided to go on MSN and talk to Sarah. Sarah was studying Economics and Finance in Imperial College, in London and since my arrival to Edinburgh we had not talk. Although, that was what I thought, as according to Sarah someone had been around London saying it was me. I was petrified, went Sarah told me. She was surprised by my reaction. "So, you did not came to London last week?", Sarah wrote. "Of course not, I have been here since October the first. I have not been to London!", I wrote. Then I remember the French footballer from Lyon who Sarah and I saw in a French newspaper. "Sarah, do you remember the French boy we saw in the newspaper. I think it was him who came!". "No, that is impossible. He was identical to you, he knew all your friends he was you!" "Well, I have to go now. I will try to go back to London on the Christmas holidays and we will find out who this individual was". ...read more.

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