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Nothing.Then a thought entered her mindwhere were the eyes? If the creature was in the room with her then the eyes must be there, but where?

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NOTHING. Ruth stared out of the window, looking into the blackness of the outside world. In her hand she grasped a pencil, so tightly that she began to shake. The idea of forming that terrible vision into words appalled her, but...she had to see those words, so as to know for sure that she was sane. As she put the pencil onto the paper she pressed down hard, so hard that the lead snapped. "Damn!" she grumbled under her breath. She pulled open the drawer at the side of her black ash desk, passed down from her grandmother, and reached inside for her sharpener. She brought the sharpener out, and as it came to rest on the desk, it burst open, emptying sharpenings across her paper. "Damn, Damn, Damn!" she exclaimed, her teeth tightly clenched together, as though they were super glued. In a sudden burst of anger, she swept her arm from one end of her desk to the other, clearing it of all the clutter, which had built up over the weeks. Pens and pencils scattered over her magnolia carpet, looking like leaves after a violent gust of wind. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a pool of blue ink begin to soak into her carpet, then she felt the familiar tightening in ...read more.


the voice was deep and hoarse, it was the first time Ruth had ever heard the voice of the creature and on hearing it her sobs returned. "Do you fear me?" the voice gave an evil chuckle. It sounded almost human like. "Why be afraid of the dark when the light is so much more frightening?" Ruth was once again silenced and she stumbled out a word. "What?" she was curious what the voice meant by this statement. "Why be afraid of what you can't see?" As the silence returned to the room Ruth felt the edge of the bed dip as though someone was sitting on it. "I'm, I'm not afraid of you or anything else for that matter!" Now her voice too, began to shake. "I you have no fear, then why not switch on the light? With a curiosity like yours I'm surprised you haven't done so already." In the dim light Ruth could see the shape of the lamp outlined, at her side. Her hand rested on the switch while she thought for a moment what she was doing. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she decided that if she didn't face this now she'd have to live with it for the rest of her life. ...read more.


She looked down at her feet, nothing, her hands, nothing. She had taken Jim's place; she was the nothing! She walked over towards her mirror, all she saw was a shape, her figure, no colour just a transparent, blur of an outline, except her blue eyes, they remained in the middle of her rounded face. She turned to look at Jim, he sat there looking at his hands as though he had never seen such a thing in all his life. He was wearing a long black leather coat and he had soft ginger hair. She turned back to the mirror and as she once again saw the outline of her once pretty figure she felt pain in the heart, like someone stabbing her. Then she felt the familiar tightening in the chest but instead of her usual sobs her reflection in the mirror turned yellow. Then from the background she heard her bedroom door close. She turned to see Jim gone, but on her bed she noticed an ink stained piece of paper and half of a snapped pencil. She walked over to it and picked up the paper. She unfolded it and read the words scribbled on it: Good luck Ruth. You know what you have to do. Maybe we'll meet again someday. Jim XXx _ ...read more.

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