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Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. The theme of racial injustice is strongly presented throughout the book.

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Noughts and crosses ? Analytical essay In the novel ?Noughts and Crosses? by Malorie Blackman. The theme racial injustice is strongly presented throughout the book. In the book there are two main characters: Sephy and Callum. They live in a society where the black people, crosses, are the superior group and the white people, noughts, are second-class citizens. In the book key features such as conflict and point of view present this theme. In the book the two points of view help convey the message of racial injustice. For example, ?My education was assumed to be less important than hers.? Here Callum feels left out, unhappy and weak. The words LESS important highlights Callum?s weak position vs. Sephy?s dominant position. The author hints out that there is injustice and inequality. ...read more.


Malorie Blackman hints the stereotypical minds of crosses through crosses through Callum to show how much Callum is unfairly treated and excluded. After that sentence in the chapter it is stated that Sephy is easily welcomed without any questioning. This shows us the difference, contrast and inequality expressed in Callum?s situation comparing to Sephy?s. This also highlights that noughts are treated differently and constantly suffer everywhere they go. Noughts are looked upon the crosse?s nostrils as if they were poor peasants. For example in one chapter, Dianne is a stero-typical cross who states about the noughts, ?They smell funny and eat peculiar foods? also Lola another cross states, ?Blank white faces, blank minds, blank, blank, blank. That?s why they serve us and not the other way around.? There the tone of Lola and Dianne is how much they feel powerful and dominant and how they pity on the noughts. ...read more.


The inclusive and exclusive pronouns you and us show that the two sides are apart and excluded. Another example of conflict is the event where Callum has arrived to school and there are noughts shouting, ?NO BLANKERS IN OUR SCHOOL!? This highlights the theme racial injustice because Callum is unwanted and is being excluded and called a blanker. Malorie Blackman puts these examples of conflict to help us get a deeper understanding of how black people were treated before with no justice. The conflict here is based on intense racial injustice because the crosses are angry and want to throw the noughts out of the school. In the book Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman the writer is very effective in achieving her intention and giving us a detailed understanding of racial injustice through effective key features like conflict and point of view. Overall the book clearly gives out the message racial injustice. ...read more.

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