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Now, she is standing outside of the airport, raising her head looking into the Indian sky and trying to take a breath

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´╗┐The Magical Healer Cindy, a recently divorced woman hauling her luggage, is going out of the Indira Gandhi International Airport. That?s right! She is in India, the mysterious Eastern country where Buddhism comes from. It is told that this is a country that lives with purity and you can hardly have any distracting thoughts here. That?s just what Cindy needs ? a place in which she can put all troubles aside, be some days? vegetarian and maybe chant some lines of Buddhist scripture. Now, she is standing outside of the airport, raising her head looking into the Indian sky and trying to take a breath as deep as she can as to drive away all the dirty gas living in her lung. It does work actually, because she has started feeling better. ?Okay, now just grab a cab and drive toward my new life ? Ouch!? she says to herself when suddenly, a man trundling a luggage trolley knocks her down. ?Hey, I?m sorry, but are you all right?? the man asks with an apologetic face. ?Damn it! What luck!? Cindy murmurs a curse and then turns to the Indian guy ?Yeah, yeah, I?m fine. ...read more.


Then she sits up and says “Come here and let me see your leg.” Cindy moves closer to her and sits on a bench on which you can feel the rump prints. She lifts her leg in front of Archana and asks her” Is the wound bad? It really hurts.” When she is waiting for the answer, two small hands puts on her shoulder and a young but mature voice comes from her back” Don’t worry, mama can help you.” Right, it’s the little girl’s sound. “That’s great. Hey, I’m Cindy, what’s yours?” “Call me Tutti. I like my name.” The voice turns naïve again. “Nice to meet you, Tutti. What’s your mom doing? Is she making the herbal medicine?” “Yes.” She smiles a little girl’s smile showing her two tiger teeth. “It’s Jamu. Drink it. Better than antibiotic.” The long hair finally opens her mouth. Cindy takes the glass and frowns “ Is this green thing really drinkable? You are not killing me, right?” “ I can finish you with a knife.” The woman keeps her voice low. “ Okey, I trust you.” Cindy drinks it for the sake of her leg in spite of the killing taste. ...read more.


She strongly senses that she should do something to help the mother and the daughter no matter what it is. She opens her laptop , types the sad story and then mails it to all the people she can get contact with. Four days later, she comes back to the house with a check holding in her hand. ? Here, 98,000 RMB. It should be enough for you to build your own house, Archana?? Cindy is sligtly proud of herself. ? We can have a house? Is it true?? Tutti is just too excited to believe that. She jumps up from a chair and bagins to circle around her mother?? When Cindy is getting on the plane heading for China a week later, she puts her hand into the pocket. Suddenly, her hand feels something. It?s the card of the man -- Shahrukh Khan -- who had knocked her down the first day when she came to India. Though she hasn?t called him once since then, she really should thank him. But not for his knock, she couldn?t have gotten hurt, and she had no chance to meet Archana and Tutti, nor could Archana heal her leg wound and also the wound in her heart. Yes, Shahrukh Khan was right. Archana has the magic to cure any disease. Karen 20081310415 ...read more.

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